Shine on you crazy dunkel
A Review of Frankenmuth Munich Dunkel by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 6/28/2011 by Chops
I love it when beers surprise me. In a good way I mean, not in the ''what mad scientist spawned this alien liquid'' way. Frankenmuth's Munich Dunkel really surprised me, mostly because dunkels share the same domestic uphill battle with bocks. No matter how hard the US breweries try, they can rarely compete with their German counterparts. So when a brew comes along that actually can compete, it's usually just a straight up version of the style. No frills, just purity. Therefore, it's exceedingly rare to find a brew that can not only complete, but can also carve out it's own unique personality. Frankenmuth's Munich Dunkel is one of those beers.

In the glass, this beer takes on all the standard characteristics of a Munich dunkel. It has a deep brown coloration with a beautiful reddish shade that you can observe while holding it up to a light source. It's also quite clear without any visual sediment. So far, we're right on the money.

Now here's where it gets interesting. It's not everyday that you come across a beer where the aroma is the hook. Hands down the best part of this beer is the aroma. There is so much going on that it's actually hard to take that first sip. You just sit there picking out so many different smells. I can sense toasted breads, dark chocolates, various smokey qualities wrapped in burnt woody undertones, the occasional faint hop profile, even some earthy spice notes. This beer is a study in aroma. Definitely take your time with it.

That first sip cemented its quality. Lots of chocolate and coffee flavors right off the bat. The middle ground settles into toasted breads. The mouthfeel is very crisp and thin. It's one of the cleanest tasting Munich dunkels I've ever had. I'd say the only issue I have with this beer is the finish. It can be a bit chalky and bitter, plus it can stay a little past it's welcome. Not a big deal if you enjoy that gritty roasted malt feel.

Overall, Frankenmuth's Munich Dunkel is a fabulous representation of the style. Like I mentioned early on, it's pretty rare to find a quality version State side. Hats off to Frankenmuth for a wonderful achievement. I can recommend this brew to any level of beer drinker. It has a high level of drinkability that even novices can enjoy. I will certainly be adding this brew to my regular rotation, especially now that I can find a great domestic dunkel.

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Frankenmuth Munich Dunkel by Frankenmuth Brewery
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