I like turtles... Terrapin style
A Review of Rye Pale Ale by Terrapin Beer
Posted on 7/2/2011 by Chops
As a brew enthusiast, I feel lucky to live in the Southeast, particularly in North Carolina. I also lived in the Pacific Northwest for several years when Portland, Oregon held the crown of BeerCity USA. There are countless quality micro breweries up that way and I still greatly enjoy them. But in all honesty today, I count myself a bit more fortunate to be living where I'm at. After all, Asheville, North Carolina is the current BeerCity USA champion for three years running. And surrounding that beer Mecca is a slew of world class breweries from state to state. One of my favorites is Terrapin Brewery out of Athens, GA.

I recently had their Rye Pale Ale for the first time on draught. The coloration is very nice, just a standard pale golden hue. There are several notes to pick out in the aroma, most notably sweetened citrus and hops. If I didn't know any better, I would think that there was some added sugars to the blend. It's a very welcoming smell and has you looking forward to that first sip. There are also some warm spice notes swirling around, which for a moment reminded me of a winter warmer. But they aren't obvious, my nostrils had to dig for a bit.

The initial impression you get from the first sip is from the mouthfeel. It's very smooth and somewhat creamy. It's atypical for a pale ale, but was a very nice interpretation. It softened the edges a bit and opened it up to a larger audience. The hop profile is very muted at the beginning and those sweetness notes rear their heads first. It's not abrasive in the least and is actually very drinkable. The rye malts are well hidden and I could only pick out a sliver here and there. The beer does warm halfway through into a straight pale ale, giving the hops center stage for the last half. The finish is mildly bitter, standard for a pale, but doesn't stick around very long.

Overall, Terrapin's Rye Pale Ale is a delicious brew. I can recommend it to any level of beer drinker. It is a sweeter, no-frills representation of the style and would make a wonderful couch beer. Terrapin is one of the few breweries out there that can blanket a level of quality over their entire product line, both core and experimental. Rye Pale is one of their cores, and is a great example of the quality we have come to expect from Terrapin.

Yes, creepy little zombie kid, I like turtles too.

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Rye Pale Ale by Terrapin Beer
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