Suprising look, surprising flavor
A Review of Granny Smith by Woodchuck Cidery
Posted on 4/9/2011 by Doc Sally
So I'm haging with my husband and some friends on a lovely day in our favorite pub, and thought I would request a cider which I have been curous about for a while: the Woodchuck Granny Smith hard cider. Now to preface this, I have to disclose that my favorite apple is the granny smith. I love the tartness, the crisp texture, the beautiful colors, and the lower sweetness of this apple as compared to others. So I had high expectations in trying this cider.

The first thing I noticed (and everyone around me) was the appearance. Jokes started coming forth...''what is that, water?'' Mind you, these guys were drinking beer the color of motor oil, and the pub was dimly lit, so there was a moment where I had to check to see if it was April Fool's day, and my barkeep/friend hadn't pulled a fast one on me. On closer inspection, the appearance was remarkable. Beautifully clear, with the faintest tingle of a light apple green, and only slight visible carbonation. One of the most extraordinary appearances to a cider that I had seen.

The aroma was faint, but crisp apple was noted. And then I took a sip...pow! Very front end loaded, much like biting into a nice cold granny smith apple. Dry, with a good dose of acidity and only a hint of astringent flavor. Slightly efforvescent. And then poof...the back end evaporates cleanly. I shook my head, and thought ''did that just happen?'' Tried it again. Bam! front end assault, yummm sour apple, piff! disappears. I poured a sample for my husband and another friend just to be sure I wasn't hallucinating it. Both commented on what a surprising burst of flavor it provided, and how quickly it dissipated. The flavor was very clean, and expectedly not too complex.

As I progressed through to the end, the sourness seemed to be cumulative, such that by the end it was almost mouth puckering after every sip. But it never crossed over into excessive acidity, more on par with a very dry white wine or lemonade. I was glad to have been sipping this during one of the first warm days we have had this spring, as it seems to be a perfect drink for the summer. I only wish I had ordered it with my burger instead of after, as the food would have provided a good balance for this tart delight.

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Granny Smith by Woodchuck Cidery
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