Any Port in a Storm
A Review of Miller Lite by MillerCoors Brewing Co.
Posted on 2/20/2012 by Shameless Palate
I was on vacation visiting relatives and old friends who have not substantially changed their beer drinking brands since high school. I don't judge. I actually respect it because I buy ''better'' beer so I don't feel like a frat boy... which makes me a bit of a poser.

Anyway, while hanging out at somebody's place I found myself not asking for any beer after the 1st round. When somebody offered me one I'd take it but mostly just nursed what was in front of me. After a while I realized that I just wasn't enjoying the beer. We went out eventually and I found myself running to the bar ordering the 1st thing that didn't have ''light'' on the label. Turns out I've developed a palate over the years. I'm growing a bit drinking wise but at the end of the day drinking Miller Lite and beers like it is like getting a bad blow job. I'd prefer a better one but if there's nothing else there I'll take it.

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Miller Lite by MillerCoors Brewing Co.
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