Some tips for better cellaring
Posted on 6/20/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
One of the most enjoyable (and challenging) things we get to do in the better beer world is to keep a nicely stocked cellar. It is enjoyable because you not only get to browse through your cabinet or cellar from time to time and see whats hiding in it, but also because eventually you do get to crack those lovingly aged beauties open and enjoy them. The only real challenges are finding enough space as your collection grows, and then having the patience to actually allow some delicious brews to sit for a couple of years without breaking into them.

There has always been an ongoing debate as to what beers you can or can't age, as well as if there are any real detectable differences in a beer that has been aged as opposed to one that is fresh off the line. I have found myself in numerous debates over this very topic, and some have almost ended in someone getting pushed off a bar stool as I screamed at them "Because BrewChief says so!" Now I admit that this probably isn't the best method of settling a well spirited debate, so when someone with a reputation like Dogfish Head chimes in on the topic, I think we all owe them a willing ear.

Recently they posted the following article on their website, and I highly suggest it to all of those out there who are wanting to get into cellaring, as well as anyone who just has a curiosity about what it is, how it works, and if it even works at all.

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