Truth in Beervertising
Posted on 7/28/2012 by Chops
Back in 2011, our friends over at the Breckenridge Brewery in Denver, CO started releasing a series of hysterical commercials that poke fun at the macro beer companies. The series is called "Truth in Beervertising" and the clips mock many of the insanely stupid gimmicks that the big beer companies utilize to peddle their products. Below are links to all of the current videos to date (I will add more as they become available):

Click Here : If you touch it and it's cold, then it's cold
Click Here : Sevendruple Hopped
Click Here : Gravity Activated Pouring
Click Here : Swirly
Click Here : The Least Interesting Man in the World
Click Here : Find Your Couch
Click Here : Fresh Mountain Water?
Click Here : Ultra Light Beer
Click Here : The Passionate Brewer
Click Here : Lime Flavored Beer
Click Here : The Classic Smelling Of The Hops

As funny as these ads are, they also go a long way in highlighting the disingenuous and blatantly manipulative nature of Big Beer. These companies actively prey on consumer ignorance. Triple hopped is a given. Cold is not a flavor. Container shape is irrelevant. Granted, this strategy is nothing new in the world of big business. Large companies are well known for saying and doing anything to get consumers to purchase their crappy products. After all, this is how they make their money. Great products sell themselves, but cheaply made crappy products need a soulless marketing division to push them on the masses.

I wrote a lot about this topic in my previous review of Budweiser, which warrants a reference: Click Here

The point of this posting is not to bash the dismal quality of Big Beer. When beer companies need to utilize adjuncts like rice and corn to cut costs and increase production, saying their beer sucks is kind of redundant. The purpose here is to show consumers that there are more pertinent reasons to not give your hard earned money to these companies.

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