To can or not to can?
Posted on 9/6/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
While doing a bit of internet browsing today I stumbled across this article on The Huffington Post website (link below).

After reading it, I got to thinking about a few things. First, I started to think about how delicious an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy would be at that very moment. Not only is it one of my all time favorite beers, but it really would have made the rest of the day a lot more tolerable. However, after seeing that it was only 10:30 am, I quickly realized that not only were the chances of this happening slim, but the idea should probably be scrapped all together. Or at least until after noon.

Once I had calmed down from my initial Ten Fidy at 10:30 idea excitement, I started to think about something a little more practical and intriguing. Seeing as how there are many more canned craft beers on the market today as opposed to ten years ago, why hasn't everyone moved in that direction? Is it a cost thing? I mean, I can't blame a company for needing to find efficiency somewhere in their process. And I certainly would rather them go for a cheaper container than cheaper ingredients. But in all honesty, how big of a difference in cost can a bottling line be versus a canning line? With today's technology and increased quality in the cans and canning process, it does seem that craft breweries would all jump at the opportunity to increase the likelihood of their product reaching the consumer in optimal condition. No light can get in. No oxygen can seep through. It is as fresh as fresh can get when it comes from a craft beer can, just as the brewer originally intended. So again, the "Why not?" question popped into my head.

Now I also know that canning lines haven't always been as readily accessible as they are today, and in turn many breweries were forced to start with bottles. But most all businesses upgrade equipment at some point, right? So why not breweries? Is it a "This is just how we have always done it" type thing? In the end, I guess it is all really meaningless as long as the beers we crave end up tasty in our glass, right? And maybe this was just a case of me having beer on my mind at 10:30 in the morning, and then over thinking a particular aspect of the process. In any event, I just figured I would throw it out there and see if it manages to stick with anyone and see what your thoughts might be.

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