Lots of love for a local lager
A Review of Carver Sweet-Potato Lager by Fullsteam Brewery
Posted on 4/10/2011 by Chops
Time to show some local love. Over the last year a small local brewery by the name of Fullsteam has really grabbed my attention. My favorite local pub serves Fullsteam beers on tap, so I've had a chance to sample many of their creations. While most of there beers are quite tasty, one in particular has made quite an impression: the Carver Sweet Potato Lager.

To fully illustrate the impact of this beer, let me say this: I rarely find a lager I can even tolerate. They are typically bland, tasteless, weak and utterly forgettable. There's a reason why the mass produced domestics are often called ''piss waters''. Lagers are cheap and easy to produce, so if you are going to produce a beer for the masses, it's going to be a lager.

That being said, this beer is my draught of choice now. Seriously. My local pub just assumes that's what I want when I walk in. This beer taught me about lagers in the sense that a lager can actually be, well, good. It's very rare to find a craft lager because craft breweries are busy making the more difficult beers. So when I finally gave this beer a chance, I realized that I had never actually had a real lager.

The Carver is a masterpiece of lighter beer. It's heavier than your average lager, weighing in at 5.8% ABV. The aroma reminds me more of an amber with all the pleasant sweet undertones. The appearance is wonderful, a shade above the urine color of lesser lagers, a shimmering gold, a happy medium between an amber and a lager. The sweet potatoes are easy to spot when you take the first sip. The flavor is very balanced, no surprises and is quite refreshing, nor does it dissipate quickly. It's actually a lager you can chew on. The mouthfeel is very clean and smooth as silk. There are very few beers that I can drink all day and never grow tired of. This is one of them.

So to all you ''piss water'' drinkers out there, this is your ladder to better beer without getting overwhelmed with hops or alcohol. One sip and you will know exactly why the beer you drink isn't beer.

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Carver Sweet-Potato Lager by Fullsteam Brewery
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