Brewer Bytes with Top of the Hill Brewery
An Interview with Aaron Caracci and Chris Atkins, Co-Head Brewers
Posted on 10/25/2012 by Chops
Chapel Hill, NC has a rather unique craft beer scene. It's primarily a college town and plays host to the University of North Carolina. There is very little separation between workers, students and residents. The university campus even shares a border with the main downtown strip. It's a lively place where brewpubs are the kings of the craft circuit. Top of the Hill is one such brewpub and is located at the town's epicenter. It's practically an extension of campus where students are schooled in the art of better beer. Head brewers Chris Atkins and Aaron Caracci were more than happy to extend that education with some Brewer Bytes.

Where do you see your brewery in the future?

We plan to continue producing quality beers while introducing new styles and evolving our line-up.

What is your favorite beer or style to brew?

Chris: Our recent seasonal Double IPA

Aaron: Southern Saison

What are your favorite beers outside of your own?

Chris: Bell's Expedition Stout

Aaron: Triangle Brewery Habanero Pale Ale

How do you feel about beer reviewing and its impact on the industry?

We believe that it can provide useful guidance to people new to craft beer, but people can get carried away with the "beer nerd" styles. In some cases people overlook quality breweries due to the fact they don't focus on imperial styles, barrel aging, and unusual ingredients.

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a cold pint?

Chris: Delirium Cafe

Aaron: Back Bar at Top of the Hill

What advice would you give to a new craft beer fan?

Stay open minded and be prepared for the initial sticker shock, the difference in quality is worth it. Expect that your palate will most likely evolve as you continue to try new beers, so don't write off beers or styles after just one experience.

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Aaron Caracci and Chris Atkins, Co-Head Brewers at Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery
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