Foothills Brewery Road Trip
An Outing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Posted on 10/20/2012 by Chops
BrewChief decided it would be a capital idea to put together a road trip to the Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem, NC. Foothills is well known as one of the region's top breweries. With delicious creations like the Seeing Double Imperial IPA and the Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout, it's easy to see why. BrewChief planned to spend most of the day at the brewery sampling fantastic brews, munching on pub grub, and mingling with fellow brew fans.

The visit was nothing short of fantastic. Being a craft beer fan in North Carolina almost necessitates being fan of Foothills, so we were all quite giddy about visiting hallowed brewing grounds. Several BrewChief members made the trip and good times were had by all. On top of sampling some delicious brewpub exclusives and taking a tour of the facilities, we also got to share a few frosty pints with Foothills co-owner and head brewer Jamie Bartholomaus. Needless to say, it was a delightfully memorable experience.

And speaking of brewpub exclusives, allow me to sum up the experience like so... Bourbon Barrel Aged Seeing Double IPA (sweet, sweet mercy). And yes, there will be many revisits in the future, so be sure to check the BrewChief calendar. Cheers!

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