First time fondness
A Review of Extra Fancy Medium Roast by Mr. Bean Kona Coffee
Posted on 6/2/2016 by Chops
You always remember the product that introduced you to something new and exciting. Over the last year, I have been delving into better coffee. I have found numerous regional loves from Nicaragua to Ethiopia. I have even discovered local gems, namely New Mexican pinon coffee. But when it comes to the best of the best, few regions in the world rival Kona. This Hawaiian super coffee tantalizes taste buds like no other.

When it came time to start sampling my way around the region, I learned that the best Kona coffee is ordered directly from plantations. As a general rule of thumb: if you can find it in the grocery store, it probably isn't great Kona. Furthermore, I also learned that the word "blend" is a no-no. That usually denotes a small portion of Kona mixed in with a large portion of something else (often over 90%, yikes). What you are looking for is 100% Kona Coffee from a single source, which is an official designation guarded by law.

Armed with the appropriate info, I set off in search of some high quality Kona. I found several contenders, and settled on one that looked the most interesting: an Extra Fancy Medium Roast by Mr. Bean Kona Coffee. It's an award winning brew hailing from the heart of the Kona region. The family-owned farm sits on the picturesque slope of Mt. Hualalai, an ideal spot for producing the perfect Kona beans.

When my package arrived, I was giddy with excitement. Even the quirky logo brought a smile to my face. It's hard not to love a smiling surfer with coffee beans for hands, feet, and a head (seriously). It's a surreal character which I'm sure was created during some caffeine-induced jitters high.

And then I brewed my official first cup of authentic Kona coffee. I used a fine-mesh cone dripper with filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. One sip later, I completely understood the draw of Kona. It was the best and most unique cup of coffee I had ever tasted. Two words: volcanic soil. It produced a mishmash of tropical and earthy flavors, both sweet and savory. On top of a clean and light chocolaty roast, I found notes of stone fruit, ripe cherries, and numerous floral characters. The nectar felt smooth as silk on the palate with minimal bitterness and acidity, resulting in a sweet and pleasant aftertaste.

Game. Set. Match. Kona = awesome sauce.

Overall, I was blown away by Mr. Bean's Extra Fancy Medium Roast. To this day, it's one of my primary barometers of great coffee. It raised my coffee bar (and coffee budget) very high. Since then, I have explored the Kona region and found many worthy competitors, but few that can match Mr. Bean's extraordinary brew. I have become a regular on their order list (hello Kathy and Tony) and plan to stay there for a while. So if you are ever curious as to why Kona produces some of the world's best coffee, do yourself a favor and start with Mr. Bean. Just plan on coming back over and over and over.

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Extra Fancy Medium Roast by Mr. Bean Kona Coffee
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