Unearthing a local gem
A Review of Organic Guatemala by Red Rock Roasters
Posted on 10/27/2016 by Chops
When it comes to hobbies and passions, enthusiasts often find themselves at a common crossroads. They can either encompass the world in a never-ending quest for the most rewarding items in existence, or they can sequester themselves inside a local scene and hunt for diamonds in the rough. I liken it to an Indiana Jones style vs. the toothbrush-wielding paleontologist. This is not to say that you have to stick with one or shun the other. They can be equally engrossing adventures.

In my ongoing quest for better coffee, my Indiana Jones side has uncovered some delectable finds (look no further than the Kona region of Hawaii). On the flip side, my java paleontologist has discovered several local gems. One of my new favorites is the Organic Guatemala roast (medium) by Red Rock Roasters in Albuquerque.

Red Rock Roasters is a "family-owned specialty coffee roaster." And since they're situation over 5,000 feet above sea level, they can roast coffee "slower and at lower temperatures than at sea level. This results in excellent development in the bean without scorching or baking." And I have to say, this has been a delightful revelation in exploring the local coffee scene. There seems to be a baseline level of quality and softness everywhere you go.

Guatemala beans are well known for their sweet characteristics, due in large part to higher growing elevations and a constant favorable humidity. Red Rock captured this underlying quality in their organic roast. I prepared my cup using a fine mesh cone dripper with filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. I found strong notes of earthy chocolate and caramel along with lesser notes of cinnamon and stone fruit. It was quite smooth, gentle on the palate, and almost refreshing. It finished with a mild burnt-caramel aftertaste that didn't overstay its welcome.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the Organic Guatemala roast by Red Rock Roasters. This is a pleasant profile that I can enjoy throughout the day. It has become one of my regular go-to roasts for mornings and after lunch. As an added bonus, I can actually find it at any local Whole Foods, making it a convenient option. Since trying the Guatemala, I have expanded to numerous other Red Rock roasts, all of them quite tasty. And just like that, I have acquired a new local stable. Consider yourself warned, Red Rock. We will be on a first-name basis very soon.

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Organic Guatemala by Red Rock Roasters
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