Embracing the summertime Kolsch
A Review of Endless River by Mother Earth Brewing
Posted on 4/16/2011 by Chops
Kolsch-style beers can be really strange to beer drinkers. Many beer fans love their unique flavors and have no idea why. Mother Earth Brewery out of Kinston, NC crafts a version called Endless River, a beer I have been a big fan of for as long as I can remember. I would say one of the more noticeable Kolsch traits is spring flowers. Yup, flowers. That big savory floral smell. It's quite pleasant actually, almost like the beer equivalent of potpourri. Endless River is a great example of this, one big whiff and I'm instantly transported into a botanical garden.

In the glass, you would never know that Kolsch beers can have big flavor. They typically have a light straw coloration which is usually associated with sub-par beer. You might say that even the best of Kolsch beers have unfortunate curb appeal. They just have a bland look about them, but luckily that's not the case when it comes to flavor.

Endless River has a very light mouthfeel and a dry finish, which is pretty common for the style. The hop profile is very muted, so you can take larger sips and let them sit around in your mouth for a while in order to pick out all the interesting flavors. With this beer I can taste various grains, sweet grassy flavors, honey notes and an array of herbs. There are plenty more faint flavors swirling around, but I'll leave it up to your taste buds to decide.

Overall, Mother Earth's Endless River Kolsch is an easy drinking beer with lots of good flavor. In my opinion, Kolsch brews are excellent spring and summer beverages akin to whites and wheats. Each Kolsch has so many interesting flavors and they all go down really smooth. I can easily recommend this brew to all levels of beer fans, but especially to those who prefer lighter selections. When I hit the beach this summer, I plan to have plenty of Endless River with me.

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Endless River by Mother Earth Brewing
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