When talking pilsners, always trust the German
A Review of Stoudts Pils by Stoudts Brewing Co.
Posted on 1/9/2012 by Chops
In today's craft brew world, it's exceedingly rare to find a cloistered brew fanatic. We all roll with our better beer posses and actively seek the company of fellow brew compatriots. My regular pub crew consists of a war veteran, an edgy local, a techy Filipino, and a wily German. Our better beer tastes are wildly different, which makes our conversations engaging and entertaining. Being a big fan of bocks, I always love to hear what my German chum has to say about his quality beer finds. I recently asked what his favorite American version of a German Pils was and he immediately recommended the Stoudts Pils.

In the glass, this beer has a bright sunny yellow coloration. Take a mental note of my helpful pic because this is the perfect German Pils hue. It gives the beer a thick and buttery vibe that I find incredibly enticing. It's not that thin and watery urine color that you find in those mass produced garbage pilsners. The aroma consists of a mouthwatering lemony citrus that is complimented by an array of herbal notes. It's very pleasant and has you looking forward to that first sip.

Right off the bat you are greeted with a savory hop sting, which really took me by surprise. Average pilsners tend to be pretty bland up front and take some digging to get a proper hold of the flavor profile. The Stoudts Pils comes out swinging with an array of herbal hop flavors. Following close behind is that lemony citrus noted from the aroma. It fills the middle ground and takes on a creamy mouthfeel that reminded me of a lemon wedge pastry. Delicious! This beer has a very rewarding taste that has you instantly anticipating that next sip. The finish is very crisp and clean with no residual bitterness.

I should also note that the Stoudts Pils has absolutely no metallic undertone whatsoever. I have no idea what most beer companies are doing to create this common, yet woefully undesirable pilsner trait. Please stop. Study the Stoudts Pils and fix whatever the hell you are doing wrong.

Overall, the Stoudts Pils is a fantastic brew that I can happily recommend to any beer fan. Novices will especially benefit from this beer because it offers a perfect insight into what quality pilsners should taste like. Seasoned drinkers will recognize it one of the best American made pilsners on the market. The Stoudts Pils has definitely secured a spot on my short list of quality pilsners that I will regularly stock in my fridge. I cannot thank my German buddy enough for recommending this beer to me. Lesson learned: when it comes to pilsners, always trust the German.

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Stoudts Pils by Stoudts Brewing Co.
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