A delicious brew from the tried and true
A Review of Rayon Vert by Green Flash Brewing Co.
Posted on 3/11/2012 by Chops
The concept of a trusted brewery is an extremely important aspect of being a better beer fan. You can never have too many, but you do need at least one. I'm sure that the Green Flash Brewing Co. out of San Diego, CA is fulfilling that role for many brew fans. For me, my curiosity was peaked with their delicious West Coast IPA. From there I tried their Hop Head Red and the Double Stout. At that point I was hooked as an official fan of the brewery. So when I noticed that a new Green Flash brew was staring at me through the beer fridge at my favorite local pub, I had to try it. The bartender promptly introduced me to the Rayon Vert Belgian-Style Pale Ale.

In the glass, this beer has a rich semi-hazy honey coloration. It comes with a big fluffy white head that dissipates gradually. As a side note, I recommend a non-aggressive pour, otherwise you will be impatiently tapping your fingers on the counter as the head stubbornly refuses to go away. Course, this allows a lengthy enjoyment of the aroma, which consists of a pleasant floral citrus with a hint of spiciness. That signature Belgian biscuity note is also present and resides as an under layer.

The first sip immediately explains that big thick head. The mouthfeel is very creamy, surprisingly smooth and takes on a fabulous buttery vibe. It's quite unique for a Belgian Pale Ale and adds a nice body to the style. I found many different flavor notes swirling around; namely peaches, orange and banana with a dash of spices. The Belgian yeasts also add their signature bready sweetness to the mix, but act as more of a compliment to the fruitiness. The hop profile resides mostly at the end of the flavor train and takes on a more floral vibe. The resulting finish is very crisp, delightfully tangy and lasts for a very long time.

Overall, Green Flash's Rayon Vert Belgian-Style Pale Ale is another delicious brew from a tried and true brewery. I really enjoyed this interpretation and can recommend it to all levels of beer fan. Its creamy smooth mouthfeel is perfect for novices who wish to enter the wonderful world of Belgian brews. As with most American-made Belgian brews, Rayon Vert faces an uphill battle to be recognized on the world stage. While Belgian purists may turn their noses up at this version, it does not mean that you should pass it up. Green Flash has proven to me once again that their notoriety is deserved. So enjoy the Rayon Vert for what it is: a damn good American version of a tasty Belgian style.

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Rayon Vert by Green Flash Brewing Co.
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