Worth a thousand words
A Review of Boars Russian Imperial Stout by Bull City Burger and Brewery
Posted on 3/21/2012 by Chops
When it comes to identifying great beers, image is almost as important as taste. You could be presented with the best beer in the world, but if it's served in a plastic cup at a dirty bar, you're not going to get the full experience. This is why better beer fans always insist that good beers be served properly. Glasses and their shapes are very important. Taste is only one aspect of great beer. Have you ever wondered why stouts taste horrible if you drink them out of the bottle? It's because you have absolutely no idea what to expect. You haven't seen the color, or the thickness, or the head, or the sediment. You haven't smelled it in the open air. You haven't taken the time to form any expectations. This is why we love visiting Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, NC. They understand the concept of proper presentation. To the upper right is a picture of their Boars Russian Imperial Stout. Take a close look at it before reading this review any further. See what I mean? This is a gorgeous beer with perfect presentation. The image alone should have you salivating.

As you can see, this beer is black as night with absolutely no edging. There is no chunkiness or grittiness, just looks silky smooth. It comes with a creamy tan head that dissipates very slowly. The aroma was quite tame and offered up only a basic coffee roast with a mild alcohol sting. Going into that first sip, I was expecting a mid-bodied easy drinking Russian Imperial Stout.

As expected, the mouthfeel is very smooth and somewhat creamy. I found it to be a tad thin for the style, but this results in a high level of drinkability. There is absolutely no grittiness to the mouthfeel, which is a very nice change of pace. The core flavor consists of a smooth pure roast with various coffee notes. The alcohol burn doesn't kick in until the very end as it amplifies the underlying hop profile. The exit ends up being slightly bitter with a more concentrated roasted malt flavor. Definitely take your time with this beer because it gains even more smoothness as it warms. You're eventually left with a thin mocha vibe that is simply delightful.

Overall, the Boars Russian Imperial Stout from Bull City Burger and Brewery is a tasty and rewarding brew. It's very smooth, very drinkable, and offers stylistic harshness in tolerable ways. Consequently, this is the perfect beer for novices to begin honing their imperial palate with. The big bold flavors will offer a lot of insight into the style without coming across as too thick or abrasive. Seasoned drinkers will love the Boars Russian Imperial Stout as a delicious session version of a beastly style. Once again, hats off to Bull City Burger and Brewery for another savory interpretation. I will definitely be returning soon for more of these beauties. So if you see someone sitting at the BCBB bar staring at a Boars Russian Imperial Stout with puppy dog eyes, feel free to say hello.

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Boars Russian Imperial Stout by Bull City Burger and Brewery
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