Pints go better with friends
A Review of Winter Stout by Triangle Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/5/2012 by Chops
The Triangle Brewing Company out of Durham, NC is a regional staple around these parts. Everyone knows their canned nectar and it's not uncommon to see their tap handles in pubs. BrewChief has spent many a day hanging with Triangle owners Andy and Rick at the brewery. They even hosted us at our very first birthday outing earlier this year. It's always really nice to make friends within a mutual passion and we definitely feel that Triangle is one of ours. Luckily they make some tasty nectar, so we never have to deal with any awkward moments. One of those tasty brews goes by the name of Triangle Winter Stout.

In the glass, this beer has a stark black coloration. It comes with a frothy tan head that likes to stick around for a while. On the nose, a pleasant roasted character fills the air around the glass. It's comprised of a rich dark chocolate note with some toasted nuts and a touch of coffee. The hops also makes an appearance and add a tangy edge to the aroma. Based on intro alone, I can completely see why they designate this brew a Winter Stout. I can definitely see myself sitting by a crackling fire with pint in hand.

All of the notes from the aroma translate very well into the flavor. The nuttiness takes the form of a savory hazelnut, which was by far my favorite aspect of the beer. The dark chocolate and coffee characters play nicely together to form a well balanced concoction. The hop profile maintains its tangy role by adding a complimentary zest to the mix. The roast itself is very pleasant and nicely reigned in, creating a smooth mouthfeel that is easy to drink. The body is somewhat thin, which isn't uncommon for Foreign Extra Stouts. The beer finishes smooth and leaves a bitter roasted aftertaste.

Overall, the Triangle Winter Stout is a tasty brew with a warming personality. It's a very nice compliment to those cold winter months and I recommend using it as such. It's a fantastic session stout, so by all means keep your pint glass full. Course, this is a common trait with all Triangle brews. Cans of their Belgian Golden and Belgian White are mainstays in my refrigerator and I know that having one means having many. Thumbs up to Andy and Rick for another tasty creation. Now all we need to do is convince them to can this nectar (along with that Habanero Pale Ale). Get to work gentlemen!

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Winter Stout by Triangle Brewing Co.
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