Like a kolsch and an amber made sweet sweet love
A Review of Brooklyn Summer Ale by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 4/23/2011 by Chops
Talk about a warm weather treat, Summer Ale is a delicious brew from our friends at the Brooklyn Brewery. I'm typically not someone who enjoys lighter brews, but this one really surprised me. The best way I can describe it off the top of my head: imagine if a kolsch and an amber made sweet sweet love.

When you first open this beer, you're expecting that light and refreshing aroma of a standard wheat ale. Not so here, I get those big floral smells of a quality kolsch, a delightful surprise since I've always thought kolsch brews make the best summer beers. And lurking beneath that flower garden smell are some sweet undertones, so I poured it into a glass to get a better look.

There it was, a beautiful rich gold, like a kolsch and an amber had a love child. Darker than your average kolsch and lighter than your average amber. A perfect middle ground. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it was a blend. So now that I could see what I was smelling, I started to pick out more distinct smells like lemongrass and honey. Definitely the scents of summertime.

The mouthfeel is very much like a quality kolsch, front loaded with rich flavor that dissipates at a comfortable pace. The hop notes are quite mild, so you can let this beer linger in your mouth for a while to pick our all the flavors. The aftertaste is very nice, not too bitter with some pleasant herbal tones. The taste leans more towards the amber camp with big sweet honey flavors, but remains neutral enough with hints of lemongrass and other tart citrus.

Overall, the Brooklyn Summer Ale is a delightfully drinkable brew that perfectly lends itself to those hot summer months. I can definitely recommend this brew as a fan of the kolsch beer style. I see a beach, sunglasses, and cooler full of Brooklyn Summer Ales in my future!

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Brooklyn Summer Ale by Brooklyn Brewery
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