Pleasing the hard to please
A Review of Malbourne Maibock by Bull City Burger and Brewery
Posted on 7/6/2012 by Chops
For the avid craft beer fan, there are few sweeter moments in life than enjoying one of your favorite styles of beer at one your favorite breweries. I am doubly fortunate to have one of my favorite breweries also be one of my local breweries. BrewChief has never shied away from showering praise on Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, NC. I consider BCBB one of the greatest hidden gems of the craft brew world. And as a big fan of the bock beer style, you could say that I was a very happy beer drinker when I sat down to sample BCBB's Malbourne Maibock.

In the glass, this beer has an amber coloration with a orange tint. It comes with a frothy white head that has good retention. On the nose, I detected that signature caramel sweetness with a warm earthy vibe. Maibocks as a style are actually pretty simple. They are supposed to be light and refreshing, yet retain the richness of a traditional bock. So far BCBB's version is right on the money.

That first sip was pure beer bliss. That core caramel note is front and center as the base flavor. Resting on top is an earthy hop profile that provides a very nice counterweight without being overpowering. I also detected a zesty herbal quality that added some very nice character. This beer has a light to mid body and a crisp finish that leaves a tangy bitter aftertaste. It's a great flavor for the warmer months without being overly complex.

Overall, Bull City Burger and Brewery's Malbourne Maibock is a delicious representation of the maibock style. It's definitely more tangy than standard versions, which I personally view as a big plus. On the flip side, Malbourne never loses its accessibility, which is why I can recommend it to any and all beer fans. Seasoned drinkers will love this beer as a lively interpretation. Novices will love this beer as an approachable version with lots of interesting flavors. Once again, I have to tip my drinking hat to BCBB. You have made this hard-to-please bock fan very happy. Cheers!

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Malbourne Maibock by Bull City Burger and Brewery
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