Feeling chummy with an Old Chub
A Review of Old Chub by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/25/2011 by Chops
Old Chub reminds me of an old run down Scottish pub. When I pour this beer into a glass, I am instantly transported to a muggy Highland bar, surrounded by drinking chums who I can't understand to save my life. But hey, the only word that matters is SLANJ!

All brews bestowed upon us by the Oskar Blues Brewing Co. are fantastic representations of their styles. Old Chub is no different. Scotch ales are delicious and complex brews. You can almost look at them as sweet, rich malty stouts. They have plenty of kick, but go down as smooth as chocolate milk. Unfortunately it seems they are difficult to craft because Scotch ales are pretty rare in the United States. Course, once Oskar Blues takes hold of a style, the bar has been raised. I can understand a brewery's reluctance to compete.

Once you open an Old Chub and pour it into a glass, it has that wonderful dark chocolate appearance, much like a quality Munich Dunkel, only a bit thicker. It will appear almost black in low light, but hold it between your eyes and a light source and you see a lovely chestnut coloration. The aroma is much like it looks, very malty with hints of toffee, chocolates and caramel. Truth be told, it drinks a lot like a top-notch doppelbock, which of course makes me a very happy drinker.

Old Chub's taste is really, really complex. The dominant flavors to begin with are rich malty chocolates, followed quickly by brown sugar, roasted nuts and hints of toasted breads. It's an awesome array of flavors, all working beautifully together. The mouthfeel is incredibly smooth and creamy, making it quite difficult to pinpoint the transitions between front, middle and back. It begins and ends with big, full-bodied flavor.

Overall, and to be expected, this beer is exquisite. Granted, my experience with Scotch ales has been rather limited to this point, but Old Chub is my current standard. And considering it comes from Oskar Blues, I doubt that standard will be challenged anytime soon.

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Old Chub by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
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