Roasted chocolatey ecstasy in a glass
A Review of Wake 'N' Bake by Terrapin Beer
Posted on 12/12/2012 by Chops
When beer fans think of the Georgia craft beer scene, Terrapin out of Athens will almost certainly top the list. These guys are crafting some seriously delicious brews. They have been making a big splash in the Southeastern beer scene since releasing their first beer in 2002. Their arsenal has grown in epic fashion, which includes the Monster Beer Tour and Terrapin Side Projects. One member of their Monster Beer Tour goes by the name of Wake ‘N' Bake Coffee Oatmeal Stout.

Per Terrapin: Black as night, this coffee stout is thick, rich and full of real coffee flavor. Brewed with a special blend of beans from all over the world developed and roasted specifically for Terrapin by our friends at Jittery Joe's Coffee right here in Athens, Ga. This unique blend of coffee produces a robust and flavorful beer that will leave you asking why not beer for breakfast!

Drooling yet? Yeah, you should be. Since its release, Wake ‘N' Bake has rocketed up the list of ''must have'' seasonal offerings for regional beer fans. My co-founder actually lives just up the road from Terrapin and starts getting nervous twitches when the winter season approaches. It's an exciting time for both of us. He enjoys first dibs and I get to leech off his good fortune (like a good friend should). But anyway, let's get to the beer.

In the glass, this beer is stark black with absolutely no edging. It pours like a bottle of used motor oil, like any solid imperial stout should. It comes with a dark copper head that is actually quite menacing. It has a rather quick dissolution, even with an aggressive pour. Not surprisingly, the aroma is a mix of strong coffee roast and savory dark chocolates. The alcohol burn is also prominent, but nowhere near powerful enough to be a distraction. That's pretty much it: dark as night, harsh coffee, rich chocolate. Course, that's all you really care about going into a beer like this. Anything more would be... uncivilized.

Much to my taste buds' delight, the flavor profile closely mirrors the aroma. The only caveat is that the primary coffee and chocolate flavors battle tooth and nail for your attention. But, this is okay because the flavor punches are nicely balanced. Strange, I know, but it works. Just imagine two strong personalities, but with equal gusto. The beer drinks quite smooth despite the strong flavorings. The finish is somewhat dry, creating a chalky bitter aftertaste that reminds me of baker's chocolate.

I have to devote an entire paragraph to the warming effect because it is by far the most amazing aspect of this beer. As the beer nears room temp, the alcohol burn significantly decreases along with the roasted harshness. The resulting gain is that of rich cocoa and a chocolatey creaminess. Seriously, the rich dark chocolate actually transitions into a creamy milk chocolate vibe. I was amazed by this. The coffee roast still stands strong as a primary flavor, but the creamy transition goes a very long way in softening the edges.

Overall, Terrapin's Wake ‘N' Bake Coffee Oatmeal Stout is a delicious brew with a big bold flavorful punch. It is a fantastic addition to Terrapin's Monster Beer Tour and I hope it never loses its spot. Course, with a near maniacal following, I doubt that will ever be the case. Needless to say, I can recommend this beer to any and all beer fans. Seasoned drinkers will find Wake ‘N' Bake to be roasted chocolatey ecstasy in a glass. My only advice to novices would be to drink this beer at room temp. Wake ‘N' Bake cold is still a great beer, but it can amplify an array of edgy qualities that might be too harsh for beginner palates. Definitely grab some of this delectable nectar while you can because it will not last for long. Just burst into your local beer store like a tweaked out crack addict. They'll know exactly what you want.

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Wake 'N' Bake by Terrapin Beer
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