Hot damn that's a great beer
A Review of Seeing Double IPA by Foothills Brewing Co.
Posted on 10/9/2013 by Chops
At this point I have been writing BrewChief reviews for several years now. I differentiate the reviews I write as BrewChief reviews in order to distinguish them from other websites' bullet point reviews. Appearance? Bullet point. Aroma? Bullet point. Flavor? Bullet point. You get the idea. BrewChief, on the other hand, is all about the overall impression. We like to tell stories and envelop readers in an experience. After all, that's what good journalists do and we BrewChief reviewers tend to fancy ourselves as beer journalists.

So going into my second review of the Foothills Seeing Double IPA, I cannot help but reflect upon my previous review written several years ago. I was fatter then. I was also less educated as a beer fan. But my passion for good beer is as strong today as it was back then. So, this review is less of a serious dissection and more of a reflection on how I have grown as a beer fan and as a beer writer.

I chose the Seeing Double IPA as my focus here because it is my personal beer of choice. When I open my refrigerator, there are always a few bombers staring at me. When I sit down on a bar stool, this is the beer I crave. This is not to say that I compare everything I drink to the Seeing Double IPA. Quite the contrary actually. This is just the beer that pops into my head whenever my thoughts turn to beer.

I often meet up with a regular brew crew at Dain's Place in Durham, NC (my favorite local pub). We always get pints of Seeing Double IPAs. Well, ''get'' is a misnomer at this point, more like ''auto-served''. Dain greets us with a single word: ''Double?'' Almost as if he's ordering one from us. It's our weekly ritual and we all look forward to it. Manfred updates us on farming projects. Jurgen regales us with emu shenanigans (yes, you read that right). Cornelius talks tech. Dan rags on Texas. And then of course we are joined by Fiddle Dave, everyone's favorite 9th Street busker.

This is how I define the Foothills Seeing Double IPA.

For anyone curious about an actual beer review, the Seeing Double IPA is a beastly delight. It clocks in at 9.5% ABV and 126 IBUs, so it's not a brew to be trifled with. It has a rich thick honey coloration. It comes with a creamy light tan head that likes to stick around for a while. On the nose, you are greeted with a sharp piney hop profile and a hefty caramel malt base. Lots of sweetness, lots of bitterness, lots of bite. Not a beer to go into lightly.

What I really love about this beer is its awesome staying power. It seems that most imperial IPAs these days come out swinging for the fences. They slap you in the face with bitterness without any regard for character. You can almost hear Teddy KGB mumbling ''I feel so unsatisfied''. Seeing Double doesn't do this at all. The piney hop profile is very strong and very bitter, but it is also matched by an equally strong and meaty malt profile. Lots of caramel, lots of earthy goodness with savory peppers and tangy citrus. It's a total package if you will, satisfying all major taste points in big yet balanced ways. The mouthfeel is large and in charge, starts big, ends big, and lingers like a creepy uncle. It's a beer you will never forget, whether you like it or not.

Overall, in this beer geek's opinion, the Foothills Seeing Double IPA is the quintessential big bold beer. It packs a mean punch and throws them with an unapologetic disregard. It is one of the few beers out there for me that has never become predictable. I cannot even begin to quantify how many Seeing Doubles I have tossed back at this point and every single one gets the exact same reaction: ''hot damn that's a great beer.''

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Seeing Double IPA by Foothills Brewing Co.
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