The devil is in the marketing
A Review of Blue Moon Belgian White by Blue Moon Brewing Co. / Coors
Posted on 8/11/2013 by Chops
As a beer geek, few beers on this planet infuriate me more than Blue Moon. Yeah, this is a terrible beer produced by a corporate behemoth (Coors), but that's not the main reason. It's because Coors, in their infinitely disgusting wisdom, go out of their way to manipulate consumers by marketing this product as something it isn't. I meet so many beer fans who think that they are supporting the craft beer movement by drinking Blue Moon. It's manipulative marketing at its lowest. To anyone reading this, please know that Blue Moon is not craft. It's yet another inferior BMC product with a big advertising budget designed to separate you from your hard-earned money.

What does set Blue Moon apart from its piss water cousins like Budweiser and Miller is that the beer actually has a qualitative difference (not to be confused with actual quality). It's not repulsive. It's just terrible. Blue Moon tastes pretty damn good when compared to a Budweiser. However, this is not a proper comparison. Within the actual beer style that Blue Moon claims to represent (wheat ales), it's about as shitty as it gets. To make matters worse, Coors actually has the balls to call this bottled failure a Belgian White Ale. To claim that Blue Moon is a Belgian Wit is to shit in the cereals of every brewer and beer fan on the planet. It's insulting. At its absolute best, Blue Moon is nothing more than a semi-quaffable wheat-based macro beer.

To put it another way, you can't put a Ferrari sticker on a Yugo and call it a Ferrari.

And then you see the commercials. Artistic presentation, soothing music, warm images. Hell, the ads even tout Blue Moon as ''artfully crafted''. You would think that you are getting something special, a product lovingly brewed at a tiny brewery by wholesome bearded men in plaid shirts. News flash: you're not. Blue Moon is just another mass produced crappy beer made with bargain basement ingredients.

Sigh, I guess I should actually review this backwash of a beer. Ironically, Blue Moon doesn't look half bad in the glass. It has a semi-hazy light golden coloration, which I would assume is a contributing factor to its consumer acceptance. But, the sudsy white head and quick dissipation is a dead giveaway to its low quality. It's a giant red flag to anyone who has ever experienced an actual Belgian Wit. Aroma wise, it smells like a crap lager with mild spice. The mouthfeel is weak and uninteresting, but thankfully not too watery. Flavor wise, it tastes like a bland wheat beer with weak spice note. Take the ''Belgian'' off of the bottle and it would actually be a forgettable yet generally unoffensive wheat beer.

So there you have it. Blue Moon sucks. Not exactly a shocking revelation, but the devil is in the marketing. If they called this beer a Coors Wheat, then I wouldn't feel the need to be so harsh. But no, Coors knows that their logo on that bottle would destroy the fantasy. And to even have the word ''Belgian'' on the bottle just spits in the face of every beer fan. So in closing, that is my challenge to every Blue Moon fan. Go to your local beer store and find yourself an actual Belgian Wit, brewed by Belgian brewers in Belgium. A single sip of something like the St. Bernardus Witbier or the Caracole Troublette will have you marching on Blue Moon factories with pitchfork in hand.

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Blue Moon Belgian White by Blue Moon Brewing Co. / Coors
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