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A Review of Dobber by Marble Beers Ltd
Posted on 12/18/2013 by Chops
If you were to find yourself in the heart of France, what would you be excited to try? Wine of course. If you were to find yourself in Colombia? Got to have some coffee. New York? Pizza. Regions are often defined by what they do better than anywhere else. As a craft beer fan, I cannot help but be aware of this phenomenon.

On a recent trip to Manchester, UK, I was excited to get my hands on some tasty English Pale Ales (a.k.a. Bitters). I began my beer tour at the Marble Arch Inn, home to Marble Beers, one of the area's most popular craft breweries. As expected, their Manchester Bitter was excellent. But then I came across the Dobber, Marble's version of an IPA. As an American beer nerd, I couldn't help but feel a little superior. After all, I come from the land of Stone and Dogfish Head. This little bugger couldn't possibly measure up. Right? Luckily for all Manc beer fans, I was happily mistaken.

In the glass, this beer has a warm golden coloration. It comes with a creamy white head that has really nice retention. As a brief side note, thick creamy heads seem to be almost standard on all English beers, regardless of style. It's a strange consistency that I assume is attributed to the area's yeast. But, I digress. On the nose, I found a big aroma of delectable Jade hops, New Zealand's finest (and one of my favorites). Lots of tropical citrus and floral notes, all swirling on top of a biscuit-like base. A delightful introduction to say the least. I wasted no time diving in for that first taste.

Well I'll be damned, Brits can play ball with the Yanks. First of all, this beer is amazingly smooth for an IPA. It's nicely balanced with a lighter body and muted hop profile, making it drink a lot like an overly hopped English bitter. There is a big floral presence along with orange citrus, tropical fruits (namely pineapple), grassy notes, and a touch of grapefruit. There is also a malty biscuit note that acts as a fluffy base. The beer finishes clean, mild, and exits with a lingering bitter citrus aftertaste.

Overall, Marble's Dobber IPA is a warm, subdued, and easy drinking version of the style. By American standards, it's a delightful session IPA. By British standards, it's a beastly brew with lots of aggressive flavors. As a beer fan in a different land, I found this comparison to be very amusing. I really enjoyed the Dobber IPA and can easily recommend it to any and all beer fans. But only now do I realize that when I say this, I mean any and all American beer fans. As for you British beer geeks out there, I cannot recommend this brew enough as a wonderful stepping stone into bigger and bolder brews. The modern craft beer world is full of monstrous delights, so let the Dobber be your intro and guide.

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Dobber by Marble Beers Ltd
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