Theres a first time for everything
A Review of Lagunitas Imperial Stout by Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/3/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Ill be honest when I say I wasn't thinking that my first review would be something from Lagunitas, but I picked up this 22oz. bottle on my way in from work earlier this week, and figured it would be as good of a place as any to kick things off.

In the past Lagunitas has always been very hit or miss for me, but I went in to this with a very open mind and willingness to be fair. My first reaction when pouring this beer was that it wasn't as thick as I am used to most of my stouts being. Coming out of the bottle, it was very dark, almost black, with only a vague hint of transparency. For those interested, it carried about an inch to an inch and a half head for a good minute before it slowly diminished to nothing more than a few heady bubbles floating on top of a liquid sea of black. With this beer being an Imperial Stout, I was expecting to be knocked over with powerful aromas and flavors, while having to endure a palate kick from the 10.14% ABV. Much to my surprise, I only had to deal with the first two, being aromas and flavors, because the alcohol was barely, if at all, noticeable. There was an immediate smell of malts, burn chocolate, and even a hint of caramel. The beer smelled sweet, which isnt always the case with a stout, but again it was pleasurable. The taste of the beer was again, sweeter than I am used to from a stout, especially an Imperial, but its far from something to complain about. There wasn't the usual thickness in the mouth that one is used to from a beer such as this, but more of an initial heavy feel. When you swallow this beer though, the feel, along with the taste, goes almost immediately. Again, I wont hold this against the beer. You get an initial sweet taste that is enjoyable, followed by the lovely taste of rich malts on the tail end, and when its gone, its gone. Aftertaste isn't always needed, and this beer proves it. It simply leaves you wanting to take another sip. And much to my surprise, not once did I find myself having to deal with an over abundance of alcohol issues, being taste or aroma. Its almost like that 10.14% is hidden in there somewhere and you just have to get to the bottom of the bottle to find it.

Overall, I wouldn't rank this Imperial Stout in my ''All Time'' category, but I would grab another one if I saw it in the store, and would have no problem recommending it, or serving it, to friends. Its easy to drink, not to difficult to decipher, and very enjoyable.

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Lagunitas Imperial Stout by Lagunitas Brewing Co.
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