I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....(WR#1)
A Review of Black Chocolate Stout by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 4/8/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
What a week!!! We have been busting our butts here trying to get this place nice and cozy for you all, and we have been going nonstop. We need juuuuuust a few more days to get it all just perfect. So what have I got planned for you all in those few days? Well, I'm off all weekend. Ive already been grocery shopping. I have nowhere to go. My intentions??? At least 10 brew reviews of beers I have never had. That's right. 10. And that just of ones Ive never tasted. I could toss in a few that Ive had before just because. Yep, that's the kind of love I have for you all. Now if you are interested in following this crazy flow, Ill put a ''WR#''(Weekend Review #) beside every one, so you can see the progression. Sounds fun, no? Ok, here we go!!!!

I started with this one because, well.....Ive never had it! Come on people, keep up! From what I have heard, I'm a moron for not having this beer before. From the initial crack of the bottle, I think I'm gonna have to agree with everyone. Seriously. I got a huge chocolate smell almost immediately. Like huge chocolate. Like CHOCOLATE huge. Get it? Its almost as if someone was melting chocolate on a stove, and let it sit JUST a little too long, allowing for a slightly burnt smell as well. There's coffee in there as with most good stouts. There are just good smells coming from this bottle.

Now when I grabbed a glass I was sooooo hoping for a nice thick pour with a good head that stayed for the duration. Guess what? Winner winner! Beer for dinner!!!! Its poured exactly how a stout should pour. In my glass. Heh. No, perfect look hands down. And when you take that first sip? Oh man. Its just glorious. It has that thick feel that a good stout should have. Heavy almost. Just enough to coat your mouth and tongue with a nice layer of its goodness. And all those aromas I mentioned??? They are there and even fuller than expected. Just good bitter sweet chocolate, maybe burnt coffee, malt, and maybe even some fruit in there somewhere peeking out occasionally. And you wanna know the best part? I don't get even the slightest hint of a hoppy taste in there. That's a huge bonus. Hey brewmasters! Keep the friggin' hoppy taste out of my stouts!!! Whew. I feel better now. Ok, moving on. The ABV is 10% for this bad boy. They are either lying or magicians, because I cant find it. Maybe its hiding in one of the other bottles in the 4 pack. There's not a lot of carbonation to mess with all these delightful flavors, but there is just the slightest bit to keep you on your toes. If you want a simple way to sum this beer up, its like desert in a bottle. Its sweet, rich, and you just cant get enough. Luckily you are left with a good aftertaste after every sip. Sadly, after you drink it all, that's all you are left with.

Final judgment? This stout is STRONG! In aromas, flavors, ABV, and anything else it could be. I'm a stout fanatic and I will tell you with no hesitation, if you can find this beer, buy it. If you are a fan of stouts like me, you can literally enjoy this thing anytime. If you're not a huge stout fan, it would make for an awesome desert beer. In any event, this weekend has started off great, and I have the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout to thank for it. Thank you Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Thank you very much.

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Black Chocolate Stout by Brooklyn Brewery
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