Dank...I like that word....(WR#3)
A Review of Dank Tank - Mean Joe Bean by SweetWater Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/9/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Well, here we are at my weekend review #3. Picked up this lil beauty and read Imperial Porter and just had to have it. It was as simple as that. Sweetwater is one of my local breweries, and normally they make a pretty solid beverage. This one comes from their Dank Tank line. Its a line of beers that are brewed only ''when the itch gets so bad, we just have to scratch it.'' It said on the bottle ''Imperial Porter brewed with coffee beans''. How can we go wrong here? Im hoping we don't find out.

Top gone, and mmmmmmmmmm coffeeeeeeeeeee. Yep, that's what I'm getting. Actually, without over thinking it, it simply smells like a nice mocha coffee with a slight bit of alcohol in it. Its that simple. Mocha...coffee...and on a deeper whiff...chocolate and malt. Now that I look closer at the bottle, I realize that Im not getting much of a hops taste, and there's a reason. This beer is made with only the smallest amount of hops in it. Yay! Im having a hard time not diving into a big gulp of this guy. I don't think I can hold out much longer.

When poured, the smells just got bigger. More coffee. More mocha. More chocolate. And after the first sip, it does not disappoint. There seems to be just the right amount of carbonation in this beer that plays along perfectly with the rich coffee flavor. Its not too much to be distracting, and not so little to make you want for it. There's an alcohol kick in there that's not too intrusive. On the back end of this beer is where some real character comes out. The chocolate kicks in, and its not as sweet as I would expect. Its more on the bitter end. It works well with the beer though. Real well. The consistency of the beer leaves no real mouth coating or major aftertaste. I sense a slight burnt flavor and that's about it. No complaints.

***On a side note, before anyone says that my Porter and my Stout reviews are too much alike, let me say that I was thinking the same thing. So I did some research that we may share with you at a later point, but there is actually a reason as to why yours truly would be so similar in his reviews.

I think its safe to say I'm a believer of this offering from Sweetwater. This is a surprisingly enjoyable beer. Its actually kind of a shame that its a seasonal offering. Its available now, and if you are looking to me for advise, I suggest you grab a few and hold them hostage...for ransom...and make people pay dearly for them before you let them out of your grasp.

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Dank Tank - Mean Joe Bean by SweetWater Brewing Co.
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