New doesnt always mean better (WR#9)
A Review of New World Porter by Avery Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/10/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Well I'm in the home stretch of my promised ''10 Brew Weekend Review'' series. Its down to two remaining (and hopefully tasty) beverages. Ive progressed through today from IPA, to lager, and now to porter. This is an offering from Avery, which if you have read my review of their Karma Ale, you would know Im torn with these guys. When I say I like their ''bigger'' beers, Im literally talking about their 22oz offerings. Ive been kind of hit or miss on their staple beers. But again, Im trying to go in here with an open mind. Every new beer is a chance to discover a new favorite. (Write that down...its a moment of awesomeness that just happened right in front of your face)

So jumping right in to it, I know what to expect when Im getting myself into a porter. The usual suspected aromas tend to be chocolate and caramel and coffee and toffee and malts and dark fruits. Maybe not all, but at least a few of those in some combination. When I opened the bottle, thats pretty much what I got. But I also picked up an alcohol aroma. I was hoping that this wouldnt be a problem.

Going right on into the pour, it comes out seemingly black, but upon further review, its more of a deep ruby red. Nice. I like that. It held a huge foamy head for longer than Im used to, but I was ok with it. Taking another whiff of the beer in the glass, and Im picking up something strange. I cant really put my finger on it seeing as how the chocolate and coffee aromas are fighting through. And then I took the first sip and it hit me. There is a huge hoppy slap right in your face. The reason I couldn't really put my finger on it at first was just due to the fact that I don't expect that extreme amount of hops in my porters. I know there is supposed to be some hops, but this was more than called for. After doing a little investigating, it seems as though Avery decided to experiment a little bit with the brewing process, and dry hop this beer. I applaud the willingness to think out of the box, and it may be an appealing flavor to some, but it didn't work for me. I couldn't get past it. The more I smelled and sipped it, the more I was disappointed in the fact that there are some great flavors trying to come out in this beer, but the hops are just coming through too much. Theres also a little more carbonation in the beer than I like in most of my darks. Im ok with it here though. Its helping push the flavors around a little bit and get rid of some of that unwanted hops taste. The alcohol in here is a little too prominent, but Id rather have it there to do some combat with these other flavors as opposed to not taste it at all.

I am still sad when it comes to this beer. Again, another Avery product seems to have some great potential, but just didn't quite get there. I salute their willingness to go to new places that others haven't. I would actually recommend this beer to friends that are in the hophead category, as I think it might be a good transition beer in to the darker category. That being said, I cant totally be angry with this beer. It may just be a bridge beer that I don't need, but may help others broaden their horizons a little.

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New World Porter by Avery Brewing Co.
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