Another win for the cans
A Review of Buried Hatchet by Southern Star Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/27/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
I know that we preach the art of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new on here all the time. That being said, I'll be honest and say that cans still cause some slight concern for me when it comes to a new brewery. So when I passed the Buried Hatchet Stout in the store, I actually walked right on by it...twice. Once going down the isle, and once going back up the isle. Then I had to again tell myself about our way of thinking here. ''Step outside your comfort zone'' I kept saying in my head. So I walked up to it, manned up, grabbed the little four pack of cans, and marched right to the front register. When the guy at the counter said ''You're the first person to buy any of these'', I felt like a pioneer. A little nervous. A little honored. A little bold. And at the same time, I still had that little bit of dread lingering in the back of my mind. Once I got home and got to know this little friend in a can, I can say that the risk was worth the reward.

When I poured it into a goblet, it came out seemingly a little thinner than I would prefer. It had a dark chocolate brown appearance in the glass, a lot of carbonation. Now while the look and color of it were a little on the lighter side of what I'm used to, the aromas were thick and bold. There was a nice dark chocolate and malt smell that I first latched on to. There was also a bit of a roasted coffee smell, but it was muted as compared to the initial chocolate and malt aromas. I'm sensing there could be some potential here.

When you take that first sip, you pick up on the roasted malts and chocolate. There's a creamy feel to this one. I picked up on a milk chocolate sensation at first now that I think about it. The carbonation throws this thing right to the back of your mouth, and shoots all those aromas right into your nose. There's the coffee, and more malts and chocolate. You get just the slightest hint of hops on the tail end, but it works very, very well here. The sweetness of the chocolate blended with the bitterness of the hops and coffee are in perfect alignment. I keep drinking it because it tastes so good, but also to find the advertised 8.5% ABV that they claim is in there. I say claim, because I cant find it. I can't. I tried. Over, and over, and over. I believe that its in there, but I can't taste it. This is a good thing, because you hardly notice that you're drinking a beer with that high of an alcohol content. This is only a bad thing because you may be like me and want to keep searching for for it until you find it. By the time you find it, you may be completely out of it. And by out of it, I mean the beer, and your head.

This beer is available currently in limited release around the country, which is a shame. I can think of a ton of other beers that I would rather see go, and this one take their place. It drinks remarkably easy, and is packed full of flavor. It may be on the simpler side for the more experienced stout fanatics, but its still an enjoyable brew. Remember, simple isn't always a bad thing. You don't have to fight this one. The veterans can enjoy it's simplistic beauty, while a rookie or novice can enjoy it as an introduction for its true stout characteristics. I'd have no problem telling anyone that I had, and enjoyed a CAN of this delicious brew.

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Buried Hatchet by Southern Star Brewing Co.
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