A tasty table brew
A Review of Table for Two by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/31/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Homage. By definition homage is a public show of respect or honor towards someone or something. Sometimes we forget that no matter what we do in life, there have been others before us that have paved the way. With beer it is no different. Almost every style of beer that is available today, can be traced back for decades, and in some cases even centuries. Table beers originated in Belgium, and like table wines, are usually served in large containers and are meant to be enjoyed with a meal. To be a legitimate table beer by law, the alcohol content must be between 1% and 4%. Believe it or not, they were even served in schools in Belgium until the '80's when it was replaced by soft drinks. Flying Dog recently partnered with The Brewer's Art to take their turn in paying homage to the Belgium tradition of table beer, and created Table For Two. I was able to get my hands on one and take it for a spin.

When poured, it hits the glass with a pale golden color, and a bright white frothy head. There wasn't much retention or lacing on the glass, and the beer was only slightly hazy with a few floaties of yeast being visible. There were easily identified aromas of honey, lemon zest, clove, and fresh baked bread. One can pick up on a light sweetness from the Belgian yeast that was used as well, but overall this beer comes across as very light and zesty.

The first sip goes right along with the nose of the beer. There is an immediate zesty clove and honey combination that provides a bit of a bite, but comes of as more refreshing than anything. Hints of the lemon zest peak through from time to time, but just in brief moments. And then, before you know it, its gone. Everything. This beer has no real aftertaste at all. Due to it's high level of carbonation, it finishes with a very clean mouthfeel to the point of wondering if you even drank it at all.

This was my first experience with a table style beer. As far as recommending it and grading it, I have to judge it by what my research told me about table beers. It had an alcohol content of 5%, and that is slightly (1%) above what the traditional law calls for. However, one should keep in mind that this is a ''tribute'' beer. A few liberties might have been taken, and sometimes that's ok. That being said, I could see it easily being enjoyed with a meal. It drinks quite well, finishes very clean, and has plenty of complimentary flavors. I think that if one were to keep in mind what this beers goal is, really any beer drinker could enjoy it. It is meant to be enjoyed with a table full of food and friends. If you can stick with that, I think you will find this beer a real winner.

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Table For Two by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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