Sir Greg fights for you all
A Review of Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/23/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Oh the things we at do for you readers. Many of you may think that it is all fun and games for us as we knock back brew after brew and then spin a lovely yarns about them to not only entertain you, but also inform and educate you. While that is a very true statement, the depth of our twisted views and senses of humor runs far deeper than many of you could ever imagine. Would you like an example? Alrighty then.

It has become known that if someone buys me a beer, no matter how terrible the beer, I shall finish said gift beer. And I already know what you're thinking. ''Oh, if I ever see him out, I'm going to buy him a Budweiser! I can't wait to see him drink one of those!'' Now while I like the enthusiasm, just remember that I don't consider Budweiser a beer, thus I won't drink it. You would simply be wasting your money. I will however demonstrate one of the countless creative ways I have come up with to knock over and pour out the pisswater you purchased. So then again it may not be money wasted as you will get to at least see a show for your efforts.

So all that being said, let me tell you about my most recent test of will and determination. While up in Durham, N.C. recently, I was browsing the isles of my co-founders local store when I heard a chuckle in the distance. This is never a good sign when the two of us are in the same area. Sure enough, when I round the corner, I see Zack holding a bottle that I instantly knew was going to be trouble. Before I could even say no, the phrase ''I'm buying it for you, so you know what that means!'' came out of his mouth. I stood frozen momentarily. Not willing to back down, I rolled my shoulders back, took a deep breath, and said ''Game on''. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of Sir Greg and the mighty Dragon's Milk by New Holland Brewing Company.

Regular readers of may already know of the epic adventure I was about to embark on with this monster, thanks to a recent review of it by my co-founder. He went to battle with the beast, but sought refuge after only a few sips. That in itself is a daunting fact. Was I, Sir Greg, the last hope for the land of Would the Dragon's Milk be able to take down both founders, and reign supreme over our brew world? Would it be able to claim that it was the only brew ever to not be finished by either of us? I am but a humble beer drinker, so I choose my battles carefully. And I choose to drink! I drink not only for my pride and honor, but for all of you! For all of BrewChief nation! Bring me my glass! Bring me my bottle opener!!

A large glass was chosen. It was only fitting. I did not want just bits and pieces of the dragon. Nay! I wanted it all at one time! As it slithered into it's fighting position, I noticed that it's coloration was a dark, ruby red that came deceivingly close to black. An evil coloration indeed. No head was to be seen. It seemed as though the dragon wanted no disguises or distractions involved as we slowly started to circle each other. Very honorable, yet very arrogant as well. It's breath jumped at me with overpowering smells of alcohol that upon first impression alone did indeed bring up images of Jagermeister being thrown right in your face. It was very herbal and earthy. Some of this could have came from the oak barrels it was allowed to age in, but it was almost to the point of immediate surrender. But fear not! Sir Greg would not go down so easily! Taking a firm stance and inhaling more of it's intimidating air, I noted some dark fruit notes laying deep in its stomach, along with a couple of faint tingles of vanilla extract fighting to escape. Intriguing indeed. I already could see that the legend of the Dragon's Milk was not built on fiction, but rather deep rooted facts.

I slowly continued to circle the beast as I tried to locate a weak spot to attack. From past experience with other creatures of the beer world, I thought best to wait for it to fully exhale and go in with undamaged nostrils for the first bite of its brew flesh. Fear shot through my entire body as the first sip rocked me to one knee. Could this be it? Could the unapologetic resemblance to taking a shot of the herbal demon Jager spell doom for the realm of BrewChief? Could Sir Greg summon the fortitude to push forward to the belly of the beast and battle on? He could, and he did! Shaking off the initial wound, I pressed on. The booze taste again was all around me. I was sinking in it. I was looking for something, anything to grab on to! Then, just as I thought my second push had surely spelled my inevitable doom, a layer of oak started to arise. I lunged for it, holding on for dear life. The dragon was not pleased. The oak was giving me hope. It was renewing my will. It allowed me to catch my breath, along with a light layer of vanilla, and even some weak malts. Was the dragon losing it's strong hold? Not quite. As soon as I found myself starting to regain my will, it lashed back with a vengeance. Over the top sweetness from the vanilla and well hidden dark fruits, along with the far to powerful herbal flavors went for my jugular. I used the only move I had left in my arsenal. I resorted to mental imagery and chanting. ''Its bourbon. Its bourbon. Its bourbon.'' All I could do was continue to tell myself this over and over. Surprisingly it worked. The dragon reared its ugly head several times in the process, fighting to the bitter end, but when all was said and done I sat victorious over the beast. Battle bruised and exhausted, I raised the trophy of my kill, the empty glass.

And now the news can be spread. The streak of non-drainpours continues. Sir Greg slayed the Dragon's Milk, and not only saved the honor of BrewChief nation, but also all of you the trouble of having to suffer the same battle. I really couldn't recommend this beer to anyone other than a bourbon or Jagermeister lover. And even that is a stretch. It is a fight from the beginning to the very end. However, I tip my cap to New Holland Brewing Company for creating a worthy foe. Just bringing half of to even one knee is an accomplishment in some twisted way. But let it be known, that the reign of dominance and excellence, along with the never ending pursuit of honesty and education in the craft brew world continues to be presided over by none other than All hail BrewChief!

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Dragons Milk by New Holland Brewing Co.
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