Basic but Beautiful
A Review of Flambeau Red by NOLA Brewing Company
Posted on 2/7/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
Lost among the countless arguments over what beers are absolutely amazing and what beers are awesomely awful, is perhaps one of the most important arguments of all. I'm talking about the discussion of simply good beers. I know that it is easier to discuss eye opening revelation beers, or even the face cringing mass produced piss waters, but there is a lot to be said about those basic beauties. A lot of people refer to them as session beers, or bridge beers, but all you really need to know is that they are good to drink. One such example that comes to mind for me is the Flambeau Red Ale from NOLA Brewing Company.

In the glass, the Flambeau Red takes on a dark brown coloration, but when held up to the light there are definite hues of amber and red to be found. A decent head forms from a perfect pull on draft, and while it is mostly tan in color, there is a bit of a red tint to it from certain angles. When you get your nose in for a whiff, a strong caramel malt aroma greets you, and brings with it a very fresh hops smell as well. Both are strong, but neither is overpowering. Pine seems to be the most distinguishing hops presence, but at times some general citrus notes come through as well.

The first taste of it brings on a bit of a hops punch, but again, nothing overpowering. Think of it more as a left jab as opposed to a huge right handed uppercut. It sticks close to the nose, and pine resin is what you get more than anything else. It ends up getting balanced out quite nicely by the caramel malt backbone that was detected earlier. It is much more rich than sweet, and the two work together wonderfully. The mouthfeel comes across as slightly creamy, and works well in what ends up being an all around well balanced beer.

As I mentioned earlier, the Flambeau Red Ale won't ever fall into the category of ''eye popping'' or ''mind blowing'', but it has totally earned it's spot in the ''dang good beer'' realm. It tastes good, drinks well, and doesn't do anything to send you running for the hills. Any level of drinker could enjoy it with no worries. It would make a great session ale for the more seasoned drinkers, and a perfect bridge beer for those just starting to branch out into our better beer world. NOLA Brewing Company has given us a beer that stuck to the basics and still managed to turn out beautiful. Cheers to them for that!

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Flambeau Red by NOLA Brewing Company
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