Shedding some light on a dark dirty secret
A Review of Wild Blue Blueberry Lager by Anheuser-Busch
Posted on 6/12/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
So, you are browsing the isles at a store and seeing nothing but big corporate trash on the shelves, when an interesting looking option catches your eye. You step in a little closer and see some crazy looking artwork, a high ABV, and an oddly named brewery claiming to produce it. Jackpot, right? Not so fast my friends. While making the mistake of purchasing it off of your initial impression would be understandable, please allow me to save you some serious buyers remorse. Yes, you all know that the big corporate kingpins have no shame in doing any and everything to get their hands in your pockets in any way they can, but what you probably don't know is exactly how low they are willing to go. Well buckle up people! I am about to fill you in on the darker side of corporate big beer. One of the best examples to demonstrate what I am talking about is Wild Blue Blueberry Lager from none other than Anheuser-Busch.

Now right off, if you do any quick research on it, you will be yelling at me saying ''Hey man! You got it all wrong! Wild Blue is made by Blue Dawg Brewing!''. My response would be ''Congratulations, you found the Blue Dawg Brewing website''. I would then tell you to dig a little deeper. The first thing you will notice is that Blue Dawg Brewing only makes one beer, and that beer is of course Wild Blue Blueberry Lager. How many breweries do you know of that only make one beer? Off the top of my head, I can think of...none. After a few minutes of thinking, I again come up with...none. But this is the craft beer world that we reside in, and sometimes you run across oddities, so let's keep digging.

Scrolling and clicking on all of the options at the top of the page leaves you with little info, but still nothing damning. But still, lets play a little game. Try to find a mailing address for Blue Dawg Brewing on its own website. Go ahead, I'll wait. Oh, you found Baldwinsville, NY? Sweet! What's the street address? Exactly. Ok, well find us a phone number instead. Still nothing? Well that's kind of odd, but I guess it isn't completely unheard of is it? Maybe, maybe not. It's not until you get to the bottom of the page and click the ''Privacy Policy'', ''Terms and Conditions'' and ''Contact Us'' options that you are able to find any real useful information. And when you do, let me tell ya, it's some real eye opening stuff. To save you a bit of time, these are the legal sections and the information gathering part of the website. And guess what, all three are directly tied back to the one and only Anheuser-Busch. Do you feel like you need a shower with industrial strength soap yet? Me too.

Now that we know what has basically happened is that Anheuser-Busch has done nothing more than create a ''brewery'' known as Blue Dawg Brewing to produce yet another sub-par beer, we should probably ask ourselves why. I mean, if Wild Blue Blueberry Lager was a great beer, why on earth wouldn't Anheuser-Busch want to lay full blown claim on it? Let that sink in for a moment. We all know they want their name on everything, so why not this beer? Well, there are two somewhat obvious answers if you think about it. One, if it sucks(and booooooy does it suck), guess who gets all the bad talk and press? Not the almighty Anheuser-Busch. No, no, no. Blue Dawg Brewing catches all the wrath. And two, if their name isn't on it, even somewhat educated better beer drinkers might give it a whirl on a whim. Let's face it friends, they know their name doesn't have the best reputation in our world, and that reputation is well earned many times over. So instead of actually trying to earn our respect and clean their name up a bit, they would rather just create a ''phony'' brewery, and pump out more swill under another name in the hopes of fooling us all out of a few more bucks. So how's that shower sounding right about now?

And to think, I really haven't even reviewed the beer yet. Well let me get right on that. It looks like a glass of red grape juice with a purple tinted hint of a head. It smells more like highly sugared grape Kool-Aid than anything else. There might be a hint of blueberry juice in there somewhere, but good luck finding it in a steady fashion. And the taste? Imagine that same highly sugared Kool-Aid, but drop about 2 shots of cheap vodka in it. Yeah, sounds just like beer, right? Now add to it a freakishly high level of carbonation, and you have this monstrosity of a beer failure in a nutshell. I almost vomited just from simply proofreading this paragraph, and I apologize to any of you who feel the same sensation as you read it. But hey, at least you didn't actually have to drink it like some of us did. Simply put, it is one of the most repulsive ''beers'' I have ever drank, case closed.

So in the end, did I buy it? Yep. Did they get my money? Sure. But guess who's getting their moneys worth when all is said and done? All of us, and by us I mean the collective us. Me, you, BrewChief nation, and all others of the craft brew world. I highly doubt Anheuser-Busch thought that one little bottle of Wild Blue Blueberry Lager could stir up such a ruckus, but here is everyone's chance to prove them wrong. Here is the rare occasion where I encourage you all to help stir the pot a little. Share this review. It's easy to link to all of the social media outlets from the top of the page, and I hope you all do so. Spreading the word about sleazy marketing tactics like this may not cause them to go away completely, but hopefully it will at least slow them down a little. I mean let's face it, the less of our money they get, the more of our money we can spend on real beer. So join in as we all shine a little light in the face of the big, bad boogie man. The more light we shine, the less dark places there are to hide.

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Wild Blue Blueberry Lager by Anheuser-Busch
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