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Meantime IPA
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7.5% ABV

India Pale Ales are commonly associated with Burton-on-Trent as the town rose to international fame on the back of these pale beers because the gypsum-rich local water was ideally suited to making hoppy, pale beers. In fact the style originated in London, and between the 1780s and 1823 the East London firm of Hodgson had a jealously guarded virtual monopoly of supply to the growing India market. These beers were characterised by pale malts, long maturation, massive hopping levels and respectably high alcoholic strength. Meantime's IPA is generally regarded (by all those whose opinion matters) as being the best available recreation of a nineteenth century IPA.

Our India Pale Ale may best be described as hop wine. Jam packed with English Fuggles and Goldings, the beer is brewed with as many hops as we can physically get into the copper. We even add more hops using our own unique circulation process to ensure maximum contact between the hops and the body of the beer. All this gives us a final hopping rate of well over 2lbs of hops per barrel, resulting in a beer which throws out ginger notes and flavours of, marzipan which soften into a rich Seville orange marmalade.

Excellent drunk now, even better drunk tomorrow; this is one for laying down - both you and the beer will benefit from it.

If you want to learn more about India Pale Ale visit http://www.india-pale-ale.com

More Info:  http://www.meantimebrewing.com
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BrewChief.com : Meantime IPA (English IPA) from Meantime Brewing Co. (London, United Kingdom)

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