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Beer Styles : Dark Lager
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Types of Dark Lager
A somewhat sweeter version of standard/premium lager with a little more body and flavor.
Characterized by depth and complexity of Munich malt and the accompanying melanoidins. Rich Munich flavors, but not as intense as a bock or as roasted as a schwarzbier.
A dark German lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors with moderate hop bitterness.
Examples of Dark Lager  |  See All
Beer Name Brewery Style ABV
(0) Honey Brown Lager Dundee Brewing Co. Dark American Lager 4.5%
(0) Beerlao Dark Lao Brewery Co. Munich Dunkel 6.5%
(0) Andechser Dunkel Andechs Klosterbrauerei Munich Dunkel 4.9%
(0) Howl Magic Hat Brewing Co. Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 4.6%
(0) Sly Fox Dunkel Lager Sly Fox Brewing Co. Munich Dunkel 5.3%
(0) El Steinber Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Dark American Lager 5.5%
(0) Dark Cloud Mother Earth Brewing Munich Dunkel 5.1%
(3) Frankenmuth Munich Dunkel Frankenmuth Brewery Munich Dunkel 5.1%
(0) Adirondack Lager Saranac / Matt Brewing Co. Munich Dunkel 5.5%
(1) Spaten München Dunkel Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Munich Dunkel 5.5%
(0) Fred’s Black Lager Great Northern Brewing Co. Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 4.9%
(0) U Rousse Unibroue Dark American Lager 4.9%
(0) Schell's Dark August Schell Brewing Co. Dark American Lager 4.8%
(0) Hot Rocks Port Brewing Co. Munich Dunkel 6.2%
(0) Pisgah Schwarzbier Pisgah Brewing Co. Schwarzbier (Black Beer) ---
(0) Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 5.8%
(0) Shiner Bohemian Black Lager Spoetzl Brewery Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 4.9%
(2) Old Engine Oil Harviestoun Brewery Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 6%
(0) Saranac Black Forest Saranac / Matt Brewing Co. Schwarzbier (Black Beer) 5.3%
(0) Saints Ambrosia Crescent City Brewhouse Dark American Lager ---
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