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Beer Styles : Munich Dunkel
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The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification Program is to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills. We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process.
ABV: 4.5 - 5.6%    IBUs: 18 - 28    SRM: 14 - 28    OG: 1.048 - 1.056    FG: 1.010 - 1.016
Characterized by depth and complexity of Munich malt and the accompanying melanoidins. Rich Munich flavors, but not as intense as a bock or as roasted as a schwarzbier.
Rich, Munich malt sweetness, like bread crusts (and sometimes toast.) Hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and/or toffee are also acceptable. No fruity esters or diacetyl should be detected, but a slight noble hop aroma is acceptable.
Deep copper to dark brown, often with a red or garnet tint. Creamy, light to medium tan head. Usually clear, although murky unfiltered versions exist.
Dominated by the rich and complex flavor of Munich malt, usually with melanoidins reminiscent of bread crusts. The taste can be moderately sweet, although it should not be overwhelming or cloying. Mild caramel, chocolate, toast or nuttiness may be present. Burnt or bitter flavors from roasted malts are inappropriate, as are pronounced caramel flavors from crystal malt. Hop bitterness is moderately low but perceptible, with the balance tipped firmly towards maltiness. Noble hop flavor is low to none. Aftertaste remains malty, although the hop bitterness may become more apparent in the medium-dry finish. Clean lager character with no fruity esters or diacetyl.
Medium to medium-full body, providing a firm and dextrinous mouthfeel without being heavy or cloying. Moderate carbonation. May have a light astringency and a slight alcohol warming.
The classic brown lager style of Munich which developed as a darker, malt-accented beer in part because of the moderately carbonate water. While originating in Munich, the style has become very popular throughout Bavaria (especially Franconia).
Unfiltered versions from Germany can taste like liquid bread, with a yeasty, earthy richness not found in exported filtered dunkels.
Grist is traditionally made up of German Munich malt (up to 100% in some cases) with the remainder German Pilsner malt. Small amounts of crystal malt can add dextrins and color but should not introduce excessive residual sweetness. Slight additions of roasted malts (such as Carafa or chocolate) may be used to improve color but should not add strong flavors. Noble German hop varieties and German lager yeast strains should be used. Moderately carbonate water. Often decoction mashed (up to a triple decoction) to enhance the malt flavors and create the depth of color.
Examples of Munich Dunkel  |  See All
Beer Name Brewery ABV IBUs
(0) Andechser Dunkel Andechs Klosterbrauerei 4.9% ---
(0) Dark Cloud Mother Earth Brewing 5.1% ---
(0) Adirondack Lager Saranac / Matt Brewing Co. 5.5% ---
(0) Gösser Dark Göss Brauerei 4.2% ---
(1) Sagres Bohemia Sociedade Central de Cervejas 6.2% ---
(0) Asahi Black (Kuronama) Asahi Breweries Ltd. 5% ---
(1) Altbairisch Dunkel Ayinger Brewery 5% ---
(0) Heineken Dark Lager Heineken Nederland B.V. 5% ---
(0) Beerlao Dark Lao Brewery Co. 6.5% ---
(0) Arcobräu Dark Lager Beer Arcobräu Gräfliches Brauhaus 4.7% ---
(1) Spaten München Dunkel Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu 5.5% ---
(0) Warsteiner Premium Dunkel Warsteiner Brauerei 4.9% ---
(0) Hot Rocks Port Brewing Co. 6.2% ---
(2) Harpoon Munich Dark Harpoon Brewery 5.5% 35
(0) Schadenfreude Surly Brewing Co. 4.8% 25
(0) Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel Weltenburg Klosterbrauerei 4.7% ---
(3) Frankenmuth Munich Dunkel Frankenmuth Brewery 5.1% 22
(0) Sly Fox Dunkel Lager Sly Fox Brewing Co. 5.3% 21
(0) Rock Bottom Special Dark Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurants --- ---
(0) Yebisu Black Beer Sapporo Breweries Ltd. 5% ---
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