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Port City Brewing
3950 Wheeler Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel: 703-797-2739

Port City Brewing Company is a new craft brewery located in metropolitan Washington, DC. We are an artisanal brewery in Alexandria, Virginia producing an exciting line of hand made, great quality, locally crafted ales for the DC and Mid Atlantic Market.

Our name is derived from Alexandria’s rich and colorful history as an important colonial seaport, which later became a major brewing center, and home to the largest brewery in the southern U.S. Port City Brewing Company will revive, celebrate and continue this rich brewing tradition right outside our Nation’s Capital.
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Brew Selection
Beer Name Style ABV IBUs
(0) Essential Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.5% 35
(0) Monumental IPA American IPA 6.3% 50
(0) Optimal Wit Witbier 5% 15
(0) Port City Porter Robust Porter 7.5% 45
(0) Tidings Belgian Golden Strong Ale 7.8% ---
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