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905-G Line Street
Easton, PA 18042
Tel: 610-559-5561

In 1995, Weyerbacher Brewing Company was founded by home brewer Dan Weirback as a small local brewery in Easton, Pa. We, the brewers of Weyerbacher, are continually pushing the envelope of taste experiences, obliterating style guildlines and having a blast while we’re at it! Double IPAs, Belgians, hybrid styles, invented styles, barrel-aged styles, and sour beers are all part of a journey that never ends. Great beer brings people together, refreshes our souls and stimulates our imaginations. Share a Weyerbacher with someone today and spread the good cheer. Be sure to come back here and let us know what you think.
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8 Great Last Chance IPA 3/21/2013 Chops Admin loved
9 Delicious Fireside Ale 11/1/2012 Chops Admin loved
8 Great Verboten 10/24/2012 Chops Admin loved
9 Delicious Slam Dunkel 10/18/2012 Chops Admin loved
7 Good Old Heathen 9/18/2011 Chops Admin loved
10 Exquisite Imperial Pumpkin Ale 9/9/2011 Chops Admin loved
8 Great Harvest Ale 4/30/2011 Chops Admin loved
10 Exquisite Fifteen 7/22/2012 Brew's Your Daddy Chief loved
9 Delicious Fireside Ale 3/5/2012 Brew's Your Daddy Chief loved
9 Delicious Imperial Pumpkin Ale 12/15/2011 Brew's Your Daddy Chief loved
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