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Review of Taurus Tripel from Bull City Burger and Brewery  (Delicious)
Posted by Chops (loved) on 12/18/2013, 8 ratings
Ah, the Belgian Tripel, the beer equivalent of a ninety pound ninja. These beers are notorious for their high accessibility and equally high alcohol content. When beer novices have their first unexpected shellacking, it is often at the hands of a Tri...  more »

Review of TriUmphant from NoDa Brewing Co.  (Delicious)
Posted by Chops (loved) on 9/16/2013, 7 ratings
It is often said that true connoisseurs embody their passions. This same nugget of wisdom can be applied to the craft beer world. The more and more I learn about great beer, the more and more I want to partake in the world it lives in. I like to visi...  more »

Review of Devils Tramping Ground from Aviator Brewing Co.  (Great)
Posted by Chops (loved) on 4/29/2013, 7 ratings
Despite its amazing successes, the American craft beer movement still has plenty of naysayers. It's often looked at as awkward or nontraditional. But to anyone who still doubts the impact of American craft beer, I need only say something like this: I...  more »

Review of La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue  (Delicious)
Posted by Brew's Your Daddy (loved) on 10/26/2011, 6 ratings
The World Beer Fest in Durham, NC provided plenty of entertainment for my co-founder and I recently. We managed to get plenty of review material for BrewChief.com, snap plenty of photos for proper documentation and personal entertainment purposes, s...  more »

Review of Tripel Karmeliet from Bosteels Brouwerij  (Good)
Posted by Chops (loved) on 9/21/2011, 3 ratings
Every once in a while you will come across a beer that leaves you scratching your head in confusion. Not that the beer is necessarily bad, just that it's, well... odd. Something seems off about it and you just can't put your finger on it. This was my...  more »

Review of Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing Co.  (Delicious)
Posted by Chops (loved) on 7/17/2011, 3 ratings
I have reached a point in my brew erudition where I view only a handful of breweries as ''can do no wrong'' majestic nectar factories. The Victory Brewing Company is one of those rare breweries. Every brew they produce sits atop an expected level of...  more »
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