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OMG. Yeah, that pretty much covers it.
Posted on 5/19/2011 (1170 days ago, 9 of 12 reviews)
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Reviewer: maliadore (loved)
Beer Name: Bräu-Weisse
Brewery: Ayinger Brewery
Beer Style: Weizen / Weissbier
Category: German Wheat and Rye Beer
Core Stats: 5.1% ABV
3 Member Ratings | Exquisite Overall | 10/10 Appearance | 10/10 Aroma | 10/10 Mouthfeel | 10/10 Flavor
At the risk of sounding like a blathering idiot...I love this beer. No, I don't love it. I L-O-V-E it. Chops reviewed this beer a few days ago and raved about it. I have a love-hate relationship with wheats-I love the tart breadiness of a good one, but can't stand when the scent of bananas is so strong I might as well order a fruit salad. So, based on that first review, I gave Ayinger a try...

First off, the color is amazing. I'm sitting here at my desk with it, and with the setting sun shining on it, it looks like shimmering golden velvet. Seriously. The bubbles are perfect. The foam is perfect. The aroma tickles my nose and makes me giggle. It feels SO GOOD in my mouth, like licking heaven-flavored satin. It's palate is so perfectly balanced; the hops hit up front, tart but NOT bitter, followed by, what can only be described as 'buttered bread'. It rolls down your throat and you, literally, can't believe you're drinking a beer. A WHEAT BEER. It IS, in fact, THAT GOOD.

I'm sure this googly-eyed review negates any beer street cred I may have had, but, I don't care. This is freaken delicious. It's 'I-want-to-take-off-my-clothes-and-soak-in-it' delicious. Whether you love wheats or hate wheats, try this. It will be so worth your time.

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Comment via Facebook : OMG. Yeah, that pretty much covers it.
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