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Have An After-Dinner Smoke
Posted on 4/16/2011 (1196 days ago, 2 of 12 reviews)
Reviewer: maliadore (loved)
Beer Name: Stone Smoked Porter
Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.
Beer Style: Robust Porter
Category: Porter
Core Stats: 5.9% ABV, 53 IBUs
1 Member Rating | Delicious Overall | 9/10 Appearance | 8/10 Aroma | 8/10 Mouthfeel | 9/10 Flavor
Since I'm out here in California, I thought I would go with a theme for a bit and stick with California breweries. I went into BevMo with no idea what I wanted, just that it had to be from California. After a few awkward moments in the beer aisle with the salesguys, I settled on Stone Brewing Co. Smoked Porter. I have a soft soft for porters but the 'smoked' was making me a bit nervous. I've never had a good experience with a 'smoky' beer (if YOU have, I'd love to know what it was!). I opened the bottle with a little hesitation-once this sucker's open there's no going back. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, although it has a hint of a smoky aroma, the earthiness is what struck me. I don't mean it smelled like dirt, it just had a very fresh, natural scent. Not a bad thing, in my book. I poured into my pint glass enjoying the rich dark chocolatey color, and very minimal head, as I rather prefer my porters. Once out of the bottle, the hops really come forward but not overwhelmingly. I also detected an ever-so-slight hint of anise. The full palate of this beer was lovely, and left more of an impression of an espresso...slightly bitter, nicely rounded body, and with a bright finish that lingers like a mint. I drank most of my pint after lunch and found myself really enjoying it after my meal. It left me with the impression that this would be a great end for those of us who aren't really into port or brandy, and want something with a little more buzz than coffee. Overall, I was pleased with my drink and grateful that it wasn't another smoke-out for me. Give it a try...I can't imagine you'll be disappointed. CHEERS!
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