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Woah, Turbo
Posted on 4/18/2011 (4 years ago, 3 of 12 reviews)
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Reviewer: maliadore (loved)
Beer Name: Red Rocket Ale
Brewery: Bear Republic Brewing Co.
Beer Style: American Amber Ale
Category: American Ale
Core Stats: 6.8% ABV, 67 IBUs
8/10 Appearance | 8/10 Aroma | 7/10 Mouthfeel | 7/10 Flavor
I always buy a new beer with a little trepidation. I have a constant dialogue going on in my head with myself...''what if it's too hoppy?'', ''what if it's too sweet?'', ''what if you spend the money on this beer and hate it within the first sip''...and on and on. It's ridiculous. This time I played it a little safe by going with a brew I've actually had before, although not in about 10 years. The Red Rocket Ale from Bear Republic, along with Racer 5 (which I'll review another time), are pretty popular around here, and in a way you could say I caved to the peer pressure. Like most of the beers from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, I have found Bear Republic beers to be a bit too hoppy for my palate. This began no differently. The color is a beautiful red-brown, with small head and little fizziness. I knew right off from the hoppy aroma that it was going to be a bit too much for me. But after a few sips, I started enjoying it. Yes, it is quite hopped but after getting into it, I was able to just keep going. There is a bit of spice to it, not much, but it was nice twist on the overall flavor. I drank the entire 22oz, which was more than I would normally drink of a beer like this, and think that it would probably be too much to go with a meal, at least for me. Overall it was enjoyable and I was not disappointed with my choice, but I have to admit that by the end, I was ready to be done. It's a nice beer to go with if you don't want something as big as an IPA, but be prepared; it's still a very 'in your face' beer. Pun intended. CHEERS!
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BrewChief.com : Review of Red Rocket Ale (Bear Republic Brewing Co.) : By maliadore

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