Showing a Merciful Restraint
A Review of Alchemy Hour Double IPA by Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/12/2013 by Chops

A Spotlight for the Deserving
A Review of St. Bernardus Witbier by St. Bernardus Brouwerij
Posted on 12/19/2013 by Chops

A Hop-tastic Palate Cleanser
A Review of Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA by Boston Beer Co. / Samuel Adams
Posted on 10/8/2012 by Chops

An Imperial for the Masses
A Review of Single Hop Imperial IPA: Centennial by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/22/2011 by Chops

A Little Dab Will Do Ya
A Review of Habanero Pale Ale by Triangle Brewing Co.
Posted on 10/10/2011 by Chops

Cider and Me? It Finally Happened.
A Review of Lansdowne by Crispin Cider Co.
Posted on 5/16/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

Now That's Some Weird, Wild Stuff
A Review of Hop Strike! by Tommyknocker Brewery
Posted on 6/25/2011 by Chops

See, Barrel Aged Can Be Balanced
A Review of Stagger Lee by Crispin Cider Co.
Posted on 2/12/2012 by Chops

BrewChief Does Albuquerque
An Outing in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Posted on 1/4/2014 by Chops

Boldly Going Where No Wit Has Gone Before
A Review of Namaste by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Posted on 6/3/2011 by Chops

Pinnacle of Perfection
A Review of Celebrator by Ayinger Brewery
Posted on 2/28/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy

Hunting Ghost Hops
A Review of New World Porter by Avery Brewing Co.
Posted on 2/18/2013 by Chops

Hunting Hop Cones With Mikkeller
A Review of Hoppy Easter by Mikkeller
Posted on 5/6/2012 by Chops

Red Wines and Open Minds
A Review of Sixty-One by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Posted on 12/11/2013 by Chops

Tried and Trusted
A Review of Red Sky Ale by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 2/19/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy

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