Enjoying the Fruits of Harvest
A Review of Secret Stash Harvest Ale by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/19/2013 by Chops

Simplicity Is the New Complexity
A Review of Single Hop Imperial IPA: El Dorado by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/17/2012 by Chops

BrewChief Does Albuquerque
An Outing in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Posted on 1/4/2014 by Chops

Carrying Weight and Punch
A Review of Dominion Lager by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/28/2012 by Chops

A Little Less Than Legendary
A Review of Legend Pale Ale by Legend Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/7/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

Brewer Bytes With Mikkeller
An Interview With Mikkel Borg Bjergso, Owner
Posted on 10/16/2012 by Chops

Capturing the Essence
A Review of Texas Ranger (Chipotle Porter) by Mikkeller
Posted on 9/19/2013 by Chops

Are You a Porch Person or a Runner?
A Review of Kujo by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 1/9/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy

Counting My Chickens
A Review of Chicken Killer Barley Wine by Santa Fe Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/27/2014 by Chops

My Go-to Doppelbock
A Review of Celebrator by Ayinger Brewery
Posted on 4/8/2011 by Chops

The Poker Night I.P.A.
A Review of Harpoon IPA by Harpoon Brewery
Posted on 9/22/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy

Summer Satisfaction
A Review of Namaste by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Posted on 6/9/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

For My Money, the Best Imperial IPA Around
A Review of Seeing Double IPA by Foothills Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/15/2011 by Chops

Triangle Imperial Amber Release Party
An Outing in Durham, North Carolina
Posted on 5/2/2013 by Chops

Stone Stands Tall
A Review of Stone Pale Ale by Stone Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/4/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

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