Hunting the Precious
Posted on 2/15/2013 by Chops
I recently posted a review of one of my all time favorite beers: the always delectable Bell's Hopslam. This beer is often considered a seasonal Holy Grail in the craft beer world. The demand is high and supplies are always limited. I refer to this beer as "the precious" because I subscribe to many email lists and Twitter feeds just to be updated on supplies and release dates. To my palate, Hopslam is pure bottled bliss and every moment spent on the hunt is well worth it.

This got me to thinking about other precious seasonal beers that I greatly look forward to every year. One that immediately came to mind is the Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout by the Foothills Brewing Company out of Winston-Salem, NC. This beer in particular is so popular in the area that dedicated beer fans will camp out at the brewery the night before release. Yeah, it's that damn good. The remaining supply is distributed across the state and often requires a lottery system to purchase. Several beer loving friends of mine consider this beer "the precious", and rightfully so.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to open up a "my precious" discussion. What seasonal or special release beers do you look forward to and/or covet above all others? What beers bring out your inner Gollum?

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