Favorite vs. Frequent
Posted on 4/25/2013 by Chops
I was chatting with some fellow beer fans the other day at my favorite local pub when a seemingly innocent question emerged. After a lively discussion about our favorite regions, breweries, seasons, and styles, I was posed the question, "so what is your favorite beer?"

My favorite beer. Wow. I was stunned into silence and couldn't find the words to answer the question. I just started rambling on about how difficult of a question it was to answer. My brain wheels spun trying to hone in on preferred styles and world-class wonders in an effort to narrow it down to a singular answer. Try as I might, it couldn't be done. It was like asking a musician what their favorite song was or a scholar what their favorite book was. It was an impossible question to answer.

That's when it hit me: the wording of the question was inherently flawed. My friend wasn't asking me what my favorite beer was. He was asking me what my most frequent beer was. What was my go-to beer when I sat down on a bar stool? What beer do I always have on hand in my refrigerator? What beer touches my lips more than any other beer? Once I realized that, the answer was simple:

The beer I frequent the most by far is the Seeing Double IPA from the Foothills Brewing Company.

Strangely enough, that realization was almost therapeutic. As a beer geek, it was a good thing to know about myself. I now have an answer to a simple yet principled question. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to open up the "frequent" discussion. What is your most frequented (i.e. favorite) beer?

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