The Craft Beer Revolution
Posted on 5/27/2014 by Chops
American craft beer fans know bits and pieces of how it all started. We are still in the golden era of growth where most beer drinkers can still remember when their options were limited. Many of us share the exact same intro beers, usually something from Boston Beer (Samuel Adams) or Sierra Nevada. These and a few other pioneering brewers changed the face of the beer industry and transformed it into the veritable cornucopia it is today. There are many facets to the American craft beer movement, and nobody strings them together better than Steve Hindy, co-founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, and author of The Craft Beer Revolution: How a Band of Microbrewers Is Transforming the World's Favorite Drink.

This delightful book paints a lovely picture of the growth of American craft beer, from the humble beginnings of Fritz Maytag (founder of the Anchor Brewing Company), to the current impact of social media. Craft beer, from a historical perspective, has exploded in America with a veracity seldom seen. It's a difficult period to chronicle meaningfully and make it accessible to a general audience, but Steve Hindy does a fantastic job in doing just that. It's an engaging read that is blissfully free of data-dumping, making it fun and easily digestible. Readers learn all about the financial impact, legal battles, brewer generations, media influence, and a host of other topics that ultimately brought us better beer.

You can find plenty of great reads about the exciting world of craft beer, but none have captured the American movement better than Steve Hindy's The Craft Beer Revolution. I can easily recommend this book to any reader because it's not only about the trials and successes of craft beer, but also of American small business. It goes a long ways in showcasing the importance of supporting your local communities. In an era of big business, big money, and big influence, this small army of brewers continues to fight the status quo... and win.

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