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A Review of Ommegang BPA by Ommegang Brewery
Posted on 7/31/2011 by Chops
When beer fans think of Belgians, a few prominent traits immediately come to mind. Dark, thick, strong, full bodied, etc. Belgians are like the meatheads in a gym. They look really tough and no weaklings dare mess with them. So when you come across lighter Belgian styles like the Belgian Pale Ale or Saison, they seem to be walking contradictions in the beer world. But amazingly, they still pack that patented Belgian punch.

Ommegang's BPA is a great insight into the Belgian pale ale style. These beers can be really complex and fun to study. In the glass, this beer takes on a warm golden coloration, which is a shade or two darker than its saison cousin. As a side note, Ommegang makes a fabulous saison called Hennepin, which would make for a great taste comparison. BPA's aroma is actually much like a saison with big floral notes and some fruity esters. There is also a great deal of carbonation resulting in a tall thick head.

BPA's mouthfeel is very tangy and has a slight hop sting to it. It's a bit atypical for the style, but it's not powerful enough to be distracting. Actually, I think it adds a bit of pop to the citrus flavor notes. There is also a savory biscuit taste which adds great character to the mid-level mouthfeel. There are plenty of fruity and floral bursts through the entire flavor train and they never get in the way. The finish is somewhat tart and leaves a fruit laced aftertaste.

Overall, Ommegang's BPA is a delicious brew and is a wonderful example of the Belgian pale ale style. I can recommend this brew to any level of beer fan. It's flavorful enough to impress even the most seasoned Belgian fans and light enough to entice novices into the Belgian world. It's perfect for those wanting the signature flavor punch without having to resort to the thicker, higher gravity styles. Ommegang has always impressed with their Belgian arsenal and they didn't disappoint here. For those of you curious to explore the quality Belgian spectrum, look no further than Ommegang. Start with their delicious Hennepin saison, swing by the BPA, then finish with their popular Three Philosophers quad. You can thank me later.

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Ommegang BPA by Ommegang Brewery
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