From Kona to Maui with love
A Review of Nicky Beans Kona Coffee by Maui Coffee Roasters
Posted on 2/26/2016 by Chops
Over the last year or so, I have made an interesting transition from craft beer to coffee. This is not to say that I have stopped drinking craft beer, just not nearly as much. However, I still retained the compulsion to analyze consumable products. And without the meaty stouts I was used to, I started picking out traits in my morning Joe. Before long, my regular Starbucks had morphed into an obsession with Kona. As a result, I have sampled my way around the region and took notes on my findings. So I guess it was only a matter of time before I decided to write coffee reviews. Up first, perhaps the most reliable Kona brand I have found so far: Nicky Beans Kona Coffee by Maui Coffee Roasters.

My use of the term "reliable" instead "best" was deliberate. This is fantastic Kona coffee, but certainly not the best I have tasted thus far. The flavor is both straight forward and predictable, something that I have discovered is a little hard to find outside of major brands. Of course, that's also the fun of great coffee. Some years and harvests are better than others. Maui Coffee Roasters, on the other hand, uses a blend of strong harvests from each year to create Nicky Beans. It's still 100% Kona, just not a single plantation.

I acquired whole beans at a medium roast. I prepared the coffee using filtered water, 30 seconds off the boil, through a fine-mesh strainer. The resulting flavor was savory and delightful. The primary characters were fairly straight forward. I found clean earthy notes with mild acidity and a touch of fruity sourness. The coffee felt smooth on the palate with a slight chalkiness. As with most Kona coffees, the rich volcanic soil was on full display, creating that powerful zesty note only found in the Kona region. My only issue, if you can even call it one, was a lack of complexity. When compared to other Konas, this one was fairly basic.

On the other hand, you can actually find Nicky Beans on Amazon, which is a huge plus. Most great Kona coffees require you to purchase directly from the plantation, which is fine and all, but sucks for convenience. Nicky Beans is even available at Costco in Maui at a very affordable price, so definitely stock up if you (or a friend, thank you David) are there on vacation.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Nicky Beans from Maui Coffee Roasters and can recommend this brand to any and all coffee drinkers. It's a fantastic baseline Kona, which is a little strange to say considering its quality. And from what I can gather, the Maui Coffee Roasters are a reputable and reliable company. I am happy to say that Nicky Beans will be a coffee staple in my house for many years to come.

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Nicky Beans Kona Coffee by Maui Coffee Roasters
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