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A Review of New Guinea by Bosque Coffee Roasters
Posted on 4/12/2016 by Chops
For most people, festivals provide an opportunity to sample a large array of wares in one place. It's a celebration of a core theme, be it crafts, food, etc. And for some of us, festivals offer a further insight into what that theme has to offer. I love festivals for this very reason because they introduce me to artists that I may have overlooked in my own research. I recently attended the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having acquired a taste for artisan coffee over the last few years, I was giddy to explore some hidden Southwestern gems. One particular highlight was a small coffee company sitting right under my nose: the Bosque Coffee Roasters.

Based in Los Lunas, New Mexico, the Bosque Coffee Roasters are just a short jaunt south of Albuquerque. Having opened their doors a few years ago, this small-batch operation focuses on quality sourced Arabica coffee, and their delicious nectar has gained a loyal local following. When I came across their booth at the festival, they were serving a New Guinea roast. After a single sip, I grabbed a bag of beans and forced them to take my money.

New Guinea coffee comes from Papua New Guinea (often labelled as PNG) on the eastern side of Indonesia. The large island is known for producing coffee that is well-balanced with low acidity and a distinctive earthy flavor with fruity notes. PNG coffee tends to be milder than its Indonesian counterparts.

I prepared my cup of New Guinea roast using filtered water 30 seconds off the boil through a fine-mesh cone dripper. It produced a lovely cup of coffee with a floral aroma. The flavor was quite earthy with a forward roast and hints of bittersweet chocolate. The body was on the lighter side of medium and felt pleasant on the palate with low amounts of acidity and bitterness. My favorite aspect was the aftertaste, with lingers with touch of citrus.

Overall, I really enjoyed the New Guinea roast by Bosque Coffee Roasters. This is a coffee for casual and regular drinkers alike. I could easily see this being a wake-up choice as well as an all-day beverage. The flavors are nicely balanced and very accessible, making it a win for coffee fans across the board. I can see now why so many people gravitate towards New Guinea coffees. They offer a restrained yet favorable option for those not married to a regular intake. I tip my drinking hat to Bosque for a delightful roast that sent me over the moons (los lunas).

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New Guinea by Bosque Coffee Roasters
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