Like a diamond in the sky
A Review of Solstice by Satellite Coffee
Posted on 4/29/2017 by Chops
The whole "Starbucks on every corner" concept has bottomed out my expectations of chain coffee shops. Once you can identify a handful of local landmarks, the assumption of quality plummets. This is the only reason I never gave Satellite Coffee a chance. I saw their brick and mortar stores around town and thought, "Meh, Starbucks knock off." Then one day I was in a local grocery store and saw a few bags of their beans on sale. The price was right to give it a whirl, so I grabbed a bag of Solstice.

Boy was I wrong about Satellite. This company makes a damn fine cup of Joe.

The story starts with Jean Bernstein, CEO of Flying Star Cafe and Satellite Coffee. She opened the very first Satellite location back in 1998. Flying Star is another local gem, a series of eclectic diners that residents adore. The diners are very much regular-focused, places where everybody knows everybody. (Fun fact: Bryan Cranston touts Flying Star as one of his favorite eating spots.) The food is great and the coffee is on par, which I imagine is the whole point. A plain diner with crappy coffee is, well, just another Waffle House.

Solstice uses a blend of beans from Honduras, Mexico, and Brazil. Satellite describes the roast as having a "Smooth, creamy body" and "A sweet honey-like aroma." Yup, that pretty much sums it up. I fixed my cup using a fine-mesh cone dripper with filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. The aroma was quite sweet with floral and honey notes. Going into the first sip, I half expected a pre-flavored coffee with a limp profile. Quite the contrary, I got a balanced flavor mix of warm chocolate and light nuttiness. The palate feel was, you guessed it, smooth and creamy. The brew exited with a pleasant roasted aftertaste and very little acidity.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my first experience with Satellite Coffee. Solstice is a tasty and accessible blend, making it an easy recommendation for any coffee drinker. In fact, it's an ideal morning brew for anyone wanting good flavor without having to think too hard about it. It won't blow your mind, but that's kind of the point. I see a cup of Solstice next to a plate of eggs and toast. And now that I muse on it, that whole Flying Star marriage makes perfect sense. I see what you did there, Jean.

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Solstice by Satellite Coffee
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